Decorating for Thanksgiving 2020

 Our Canadian Thanksgiving is in one week. Due to COVID, we won't be having a Thanksgiving family dinner this year, but I did some decorating anyway. This Thanksgiving will be different in another way also, as one of our Grandsons is getting married during the same weekend. Due to our Provincial rules, they are only allowed 10 guests The wedding will be held in his parents' back yard so another 10 of us will be seated in the yard next door to see the ceremony.+

It has been almost 2 years since I  last posted. Sometimes life events get in the way!


ellen b. said…
Well hello there. Nice to see your post pop up. Covid has a way of putting a damper on all gatherings for sure. Glad you can see the ceremony! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving and Happy wedding to your grandson!
Merry Christmas, Millie! It was very nice to hear from you. Hard to believe Christmas is here. It was such a long year yet Christmas always seems to pop up before we know it. I do hope you have a wonderful holiday in spite of all the restrictions, and let's hope and pray that the new year will get back to normal. Take care!

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