Flowers - May 21

Today is the day gardeners are flaunting their flowers over at Tootsies. Here in Winnipeg, we may experience frost until early June, so most tender plants are not planted yet. So, the lovely lime coleus and blue ageratum are still in their flats. Petunias and other hardier annuals are fairly safe to put out now. This weekend (Victoria Day), the first long weekend of the summer, is very busy at garden centers and home improvement stores,
In the garden, our peony-flowered tulips are still blooming, and I am very pleased with these bulbs. They seem to have a longer blooming period than most tulips.
We are building a new fence, so the back yard is a total mess right now. Therefore, I'll just show a photo of the tulips in a bouquet. ( I fiddled with it a bit in Picasa )

Now head over to Tootsies' and see what others are doing.
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Beautiful, Millie! I just love Spring with all the vibrant colours to enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful long weekend with lots of sunshine.

Anonymous said…
The coleus and ageratum will be a beautiful addition. Your tulip arrangement is exquisite! I am pleased to know that these tulips last longer ~ they are so pretty. Hope you enjoy your weekend.
That Blue Ageratum is so pretty!
Becca's Dirt said…
Beautiful. I love coleus. There are so many varieties, sizes and shapes and colors. Can't wait to see your beauties that are coming.
Noel Morata said…

you have beautiful spring blooms coming out today, i love coleus also, its so easy making plants from cuttings out of them

thanks for sharing it today
Millie, those are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your spring with us. We're getting into hotter weather, so many of our blooming plants, except petunias, are through their season. I long for cooler climes at this time of year.


Sheila :-)
Nancy's Notes said…
Hi Millie! I think your lime coleus and blue ageratum are so pretty! I have always loved ageratums!

Beth said…
Your bouquet is fabulous! Absolutely amazing!
Balisha said…
Hi Millie,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. Those tulips are lovely. Hope you get warm weather soon. Come visit again.
Anonymous said…
Hello Millie! That arrangement is lovely. I've not had much success with tulips but I do love them, so I enjoyed your photos! Heidi.
Floridagirl said…
Hi, Millie! Thanks for visiting my blog today! Your peony-type tulips are absolutely gorgeous! How lucky you are to be able to grow them in your climate. I must say I could not imagine the risk of frost in May! We're always hoping for frost-free winters here.
Tootsie said…
everything is just beautiful...we got freezing temps last night so I had to cover everything...and will again tonight...and then I hope the weather will warm up again soon...I want for my gardens to catch up to yours!!!
Maureen said…
Your bouquet is beautiful. I love tulips and yours are gorgeous.
Beautiful! I've really come to appreciate coleus outside in the past few years. Before I only grew it inside.

We are way past our frost date in Atlanta and heading into sweltering and humid already!

Hello Millie,

Your bouquet is just breath-taking. I cannot wait for you to join in next month's MGB. I can only imagine how beautiful your June flowers will be with warmer temperatures on the way :-)

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