Monday, January 5, 2015

Downton Abbey - New Season

To kick off the new season of Downton Abbey, we invited friends to watch it with us. I made a steamed mincemeat pudding which I served with custard sauce.
The silver teas service was inherited from my Mom as was the much - used silver serving spoon. I served the pudding in the crystal bowls shown.
The platter has a "regal" insignia!
We used Royal Worchester "Gold Chantilly" china for our tea, but the program was about to start , and we didn't want to miss one moment, so I didn't get pictures.
I do hope that there are not too many scandalous scenes in Season Five...yes I do know these things took place, but I don't care for graphic portrayals of them!
When watching repeats of Season Four I noticed a table in Isobel Crawley's home which looked very familiar. It is almost identical to one my Dad made from a kit many years ago and which we have in our family room. Photo below taken at Christmas.
I am joining Tuesday Tea Time where Sandi and her friends display lovely tea settings each week. Won't you join us?

Friday, January 2, 2015

Reflecting on Family Times

Although my decorations are still up, and some fun events still planned, I am starting to look back on the Christmas season, and what was really important...
Our celebrations focused firstly on the birth of our Saviour Jesus....the church programs, the loving messages to and from family and friends, carols we love to sing, etc.
Of course there was the inevitable shopping, baking and decorating...

What I can especially tuck away in my memory bank would be the special times with our children and grandchildren. We have a son and a daughter and their spouses, and 3 grandchildren. the youngest being 16 years old. As we see them mature, we are very thankful for the choices they are making, and their accomplishments.
 Perhaps I am more conscious of these things because this last year my Mom passed away, and my husband has had health issues which have still not been fully diagnosed. (That in itself is a roller-coaster of emotions.)
Every January 1st our family has an ethnic themed dinner. This year, at our daughter's home, we cooked Cajun food, and just for fun, threw in a bit of Mardi Gras in décor, etc. Here are a few photos of that.
Shrimp linguini
A plate, including crab cakes and blackened fish..
For dessert, King's cake, which represents the King of Kings..
One of our conversations last evening was about how important  our relationships are.
I am so thankful to God for that blessing.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Last tea party of 2014

I didn't post much of Christmas this year, but I hurried to put together a little tea party for the last Tuesday of the year.

I tried to keep it silver, gold, and white arrangement used throughout the Christmas season, with the addition of a clock ornament..
Some mercury glass plates.. with silver Lenox napkin rings...
Let us enjoy the last hours of the year, and look forward to 2015!
Thanks to SANDI for her gracious hosting all through the seasons.

Monday, December 8, 2014

In Preparation....

It's a lovely, sunny day here in Manitoba...cold, but bright.
Yesterday was a very fun day as my daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and myself had an afternoon of preparation for the Christmas season.
The cookie cutters came out....
We had a good laugh when my mixer, which tends to start at a fast speed, created a mini snow storm on the counter!
It all calmed down though, and peppermint fudge was well mixed...
Granddaughter did a fine job of decorating her sugar cookies...
Our busy schedule didn't leave time to enjoy a cup of tea at the end of our baking marathon, but each went home with cookie tins filled with fudge, shortbread, sugar cookies, butterscotch squares, lemon snowballs, and pecan tassies.
For Tea Time Tuesday, hosted by Sandi of Rose Chintz Cottage, would you join me for a cup of tea with a chocolate truffle? We will use Lenox "holiday" china today.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ladies Christmas Event - The Tortes

I promised to show photos of the tortes served at our church Ladies event.

Over 300 women attended during the 2 evenings. Most of the tortes were made by one very talented baker.
I had hoped to get photos of the desserts as they were presented at buffet tables, but the light was quite poor for photography, so I resorted to showing them in their places in the frig beforehand.
       Orange - Chocolate torte
This one had a name I couldn't spell or pronounce!

Hazelnut torte
New York Cherry Cheesecake, with Lemon torte and Irish Creme torte in background.
I was one of the servers at the buffet tables, and it was fun to see the ladies debating about which torte(s) to choose!

Monday, November 24, 2014

"Joy to the World" ladies Event

One of the very special events which our church holds is the ladies Christmas tea. There is accommodation for 350 ladies over 2 evenings and tickets are always sold out almost immediately.
I was privileged to help with the decorating this year. Here are a few photos of the tables and décor.

These are the table centers:
 With the help of my husband, I assembled 184 of these little favours:

I hope to show you more photos, especially of the tortes which will be served.
Meanwhile I am joining Sandi's Tea Time Tuesday.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tea Time!

One of my favorite tea sets is the one I am posting was given to me by an elderly friend a few years ago. I believe it is quite old. I usually  display it in the fall, as the colours seem to fit the season so well.
 The tea set itself consists of a sandwich tray (not shown), small plates, and cups and saucers, with the following mark:
Closer views of the cup and plate design:


 The cobalt blue with orange is found in many china patterns. I also have a platter which ties in well, shown in the background

Closeup of platter design and mark:
Also, this teapot which was a wedding gift to my parents, in 1937, has similar colouration:
Sadly it has a chipped spout and no lid, but I use it for flowers sometimes.

Atop the platter, I have placed a small Carltonware dish, which has such a vibrant green colour, with pretty gold edges:

Sandi is hosting Tea Time Tuesday...see you over there!