Halloween window

I like Halloween to be tombstones, witches, ghouls, or ghosts.
...And the carved pumpkins should look cheerful.
The little kids who came by tonight smiled terror!

Winnipeg in Bloom - Sept 19, 2018

Some years we have had a killing frost by this date, but today these gardens are stunning. Photos just don't do it justice!

The groundskeepers were still busy watering, trimming, and replacing worn sod. I have never seen such fine edging!

Bouquet of the Day Sept 1, 2018


Bouquet of The Day

Garden flowers

What's Blooming Now

Cooler days of fall often intensify the colors of our annuals, even though many have begun to produce seeds instead of flowers. I am still enjoying this arrangement in two planters,  I plant a mandevilla vine  each year especially in memory of my Mom, who so admired  that plant. I am loving succulents, and they seem to suit their terra cotta pots. Hoping that we have a late frost!

You've Come A long Way, Petunia!

In my younger years I disliked petunias and preferred that my Mom planted pansies, stocks, or phlox. Fast forward to today, and you will find petunias of many different types in my garden.

One of my favorites is "starry night". The flowers vary on the same plant, and are vivid shades from white to deep purple...truly a wonder in hybridizing!
Each morning I head first to the petunia pots to see these lovely blooms...

I hope you all are enjoying your summer days!