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Forget - Me - Not Tea

I was given a free packet of forget-me-not flower seeds, and was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of sweet little flowers. I have been cutting them for small arrangements.
I was struck by the similarity to the pattern on my favourite tea cup and saucer- Shelley Dainty Blue
A little tea setting outdoors near the pond seemed in order
A blueberry printed tea towel was pressed into service as a runner.
The tea today was Celestial Blueberry

A Pioneer Homestead

On a recent car trip through Manitoba, we visited the Negrych farm near Dauphin, a pioneer Ukrainian homestead . The buildings were constructed  between 1897 and 1915, and amazingly, have remained in their original style. Repairs are made, but the integrity of the buildings remain.

Buildings are log construction, and most materials came from the farm itself. The outer walls are coated with a clay-based mixture. All shingles were hand-made. The style of construction is Carpathian, from an area in Europe.  All hinges, gutters and other fittings were hand crafted. I was very impressed with the location which was near a beautiful creek, from which water was drawn, and ice blocks were cut in winter and kept in an ice-house where milk and meat were stored well into the summer. Kitchen tools and containers were also hand-made One very interesting building contained a smokehouse and a clay oven. An alcove above the oven (top left) was often used as a sleeping shelf for the younger children. A…

Chanterelle Mushrooms - A Breakfast Feast!

Have you ever eaten chanterelle mushrooms?

Recently my brother visited, bringing along some freshly picked chanterelles, and while we attended church, he prepared a delectable lunch for us....lovely omelets filled with mushrooms.
The chanterelles were lightly sautéed in butter...
The egg mixture was prepared...eggs, green onions, parmesan cheese, and a dash of cream.. And then...the finished plate! Bacon was crisp, and the toasted Italian bread was just perfect! I felt truly spoiled!