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Signs of Summer

After a very cool spring, our early summer flowers are in bloom; the bridal wreath spirea, a large patch of self-seeded violas, and our native wild orchid, the yellow lady slipper. It is an endangered species, so one cannot just dig it up from its wild state. I have had this one for many years and it was rescued from the pathway of the construction of a major highway. This variety of lady slipper is a medium height. It grows in dappled shade. Every year I marvel at the delicate yet sturdy flowers.

Waterton Lakes National Park

One of our favorite vacation spots is Waterton-Glacier, in the South West Corner of Alberta, and into Montana. On the Canadian side it is known as the place where the prairies meet the mountains. We like to camp in the "primitive" campground where there is no elecricity or hookups of any kind. We often see wildlife, and at night, it is so peaceful and quiet there. The alpine wildflowers are so vibrant and prolific, and the various pines are lovely.

All photos by Millie

Not all our experiences at Waterton have been wonderful..on one trip long ago, I fell into a very fast stream above a waterfall, and was a few feet from being swept over when my hubby yanked me out of the water. I believe Iwould have been severely injured if not killed. I came to the conclusion that God had more for me to do on this earth, and many times that memory spurred me on to service of one kind or another. One item of note is that at that dangerous spot, the park has erected a bridge with very sturdy raili…