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A long life. well lived

My dear Mom went Home to be with her Heavenly Father, yesterday. She was 94 years old.
The last few years were difficult for her, as she began to experience forgetfulness, and then became weaker. She spent the last 8 weeks in hospital and I calculated that I made 60 trips to visit her there, and I don’t begrudge one minute of it. We had sweet times, but also some stressful ones. The hospital staff were wonderful and kind. I am going to miss them in the days to come.
We have so many pleasant memories of our times together. I will always cherish them.
A couple photos follow:
Mom and Dad in 1937 before their marriage, or shortly after:
My Dad was 9 years older than Mom, and was her Grade 8 teacher. We often laughed about that!

and Mom, on her 90th birthday:

So many things I could say, but I’ll say just one: