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Country School

This winter has been really cold... it started me thinking about living in Saskatchewan when I was growing up. My Dad was a teacher in a one room school, and we lived in the teacher's house right in one corner of the school yard. Click on the picture to see the details.

This photo was taken on a winter day...showing the winter transportation of the time! On the left side of the photo is a "caboose", which was basically a covered horse-drawn sled, and sometimes housed a wood stove for warmth (just a little danger there!!). There is also a larger horse drawn sled on the right. In the middle, there is a "stone boat" which was like a flat toboggan. You stood on it while holding the reins (and had to have good balance!) The barn for the horses is on the right. I am in the picture toward the right, with another girl.

You might think this would be in "pioneer " times, but it was in the 1950's.

I will add that my Dad was the best teacher anyone could have. …

Little "Thank You" Tags

It's COLDDD here today..windchill factor brings it to -33 or so.
I am so looking forward to our planned trip to Mexico...
In preparation, I am making some small library pocket cards, to hold the tips we will leave for the maids and others in the resort. I want to make small tags to go along with them...with "thank you" in their language written on them. I don't know what the correct spelling is for that yet, so will have to do some searching. I think that even for waiters, etc., this will be much less awkward for me, rather than just handing them the money.


Tootsie, at
recently posted about her love of crown-themed items, and the crown decorated china looked so good I decided to visit HomeSense as well. Since we have a "royal" surname, these will fit nicely in our home. I bought a ceramic bread box and a platter, and the surprise was the very reasonable price.
So...thanks Tootsie!

Dreamin' of Summer!

I've been thnking about summer, and starting to plan the garden.
I know, I know,'s a long way off! Here are a few photos of the garden last summer.

February Tablecenter

Glad to take part in Cindy's ( ) centerpiece event.
I am using white and glass, plus faux berries. (I had hoped my live flowers would still be nice today, but they bit the dust) Be sure to check out the other centerpieces listed on Cindy's blog.



Family Music

Our day yesterday seemed to center around music. In the morning I accompanied our daughter while she dropped off eldest grandson at his orchestra practice, a Winnipeg strings group.

In the afternoon our other two grandchildren performed at their violin recital. (Usually those events take place in June, but it was refreshing to have it earlier.) The two of them did their first duet. We were so impressed by their solos and the duet. Those kids are very diligent about practising every week day, and it shows!

All three grandchildren, our son, and my hubby all play the violin. It is not often that they play together, but I thought back to our special wedding anniversary when they got together to play "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". This photo was taken then. We had the celebration in a big white tent at our son's home.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of family, and the blessing they are to us. I am very thankful for each one.

Cupcake Frills

I have been seeing some ads for those really nice cupcake frills, at prices of about $12.95 for 12 .
This is my attempt to do the frugal facsimile, after seeing the idea somewhere with a recipe. I cut the solid center section out of a paper doily, cut it in half, and formed a frill to fit the cupcake size. Fasten the raw edge with double face tape. Pop in the frosted cupcake. Although not as fancy as the pricey ones, I think they are quite pretty, and would be nice for Valentine's Day.
What do you think?
Now my hubby and I are going to eat them!