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Mosaic Monday: It's All Green

Mary, at Little Red House is our hostess for Mosaic Monday. So scoot on over there and see all the great mosaics..
My mosaic for today is all green...taken around the house...I love green! Click on collage to enlarge.

A Nice Afternoon

Last Tuesday we escaped from our many home maintenance tasks on the spur of the moment, picked up my Mom, and headed out to Pineridge Hollow for lunch. Here are some photos I took of the lovely grounds, where weddings are held, and people just stroll through the gardens. Pineridge Hollow is within walking distance of a provincial campground. What a bonus for campers! I neglected to take a picture of my lunch plate which was morel and wild mushroom perogies served with dill sauce..very different and delicious.

Friday flowers

It's Friday again..and time to head over to Tootsies for her weekly flower flaunting.

I brought in a few lady's mantle to grace the dining room table. That spring green is one of my favorites.
We need rain, so out came the sprinkler..
The yellow lady slipper is blooming...rescued from the Trans Canada highway construction site many years ago
Endless summer it!.

Mosaic Monday June 22

Mary at Little Red House is hosting another Mosaic Monday. Visit her at
/ We celebrated Fathers Day and our grandaughters birthday at our son's house. My mosaic is a group of photos taken around their yard. Please click on the photos to enlarge.

Two Great Dads

On this Fathers Day, I 'd like to give a tribute to 2 wonderful Dads. I dug deep into my old grainy photos.
The first one is of my hubby and our daughter. I believe it captures the kind of Dad he is , leading his family lovingly. This photo was taken when our daughter was quite young (she's in her 40's now). Our son, daughter, in law children, and our grandchildren all benefit from his loving guidance. The next photo is of my parents. My Dad passed on quite a few years ago, but I still feel I'd like to talk to him about things that are important to me. He was my teacher from grades one to eight, so we spent more time together then most kids do. He was such an interesting person, with high ideals.

Mosaic Monday- My Teapots

Please join Mary at Little Red house, for her weekly Mosaic Monday.
I love teapots, and tea!

Friday- Flaunting my Flowers

Tootsie, at is hosting a weekly chance to "brag" about our flowers. We had a very cold season so my plants are very feeble this year,but here goes:
I have planted the pots with basket stuffers and the daisy-like flowers fit that category.

Mountain Viburnm with white flower clusters

Lots of violas which self seed.

Lovely purple iris

A dwarf dahlia
Be sure to stop by Tootsies and see the other flowers.

Mosaic Monday

For the first time, I am particiapting in Little Red House's Mosaic Monday. For some gorgeous Mosaics follow this link: Just some photos taken around our house ....

Winnipeg in Spring- Assiniboine park

We took a little drive to the Park to see the display of tulips planted by the Dutch society. The display is in the Leo Mol sculpture garden. The sculptures are in the gardens, as well as in the gallery.

This sculpture depicts a Dutch sower.

Below is a sculpture of the founder of Lamb Air, an airline flying small planes to the North.

Some scenes in the English garden: