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Views Fom My Window

This is the view we see these days, from the dining room...

The Garden in July

Shades of grey...grey plants against the grey stained lattice.
Hydrangea and lobelia
Monarda and lilies
veiw of the deck
A little arrangement .
After our late start to summer, the flowers are finally doing quite well.
I will post more pics tomorrow.


We attended a lovely family wedding on Saturday. I had a little job to do...the groom's Grandma baked and iced the wedding cake, and I was to decorate it with flowers. Said flowers were to be provided by the florist and sent to the reception location. After looking everywhere, we realized they had been omitted. So, what to do??? We decided to improvise.. clipping a few flowers from the table arrangements and even the bridesmaid bouquets, and I think the end result was quite acceptable. What impressed me most was the attitude of the gracious!
The service and reception were beautiful and first class, but the prevailing tone of the day was that it was not all about the wedding, but WAS about the MARRIAGE! Good for them!

Rhapsody in Blue

I love blue! This blue pot is filled with blue flowers...pansies, blue daisies, lobelia, and petunias...everyday flowers in extraordinary hues.