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Rabbit Food

These days we like staying indoors by the fireplace. with a magazine, or watching Downton Abbey (just sayin!).For all those who like decorating with white, nature has given us plenty of that this year…everywhere we look!The faint gray line in the photo below is the height of the bank along our is about waist height…I believe the snow banks are much taller than usual, and my husband can attest to that…every day he keeps up fitness with an old fashioned fitness machine…a snow shovel!Anyway, back to the title of this post…rabbit food…. I  was feeling sorry for our resident bunny and prepared a special salad for her… since the snow has covered most of the vegetation she would be subsisting on…I know most people dislike rabbits in their garden, but I don’t mind at all.

New Years Day–Family Fun

( photos courtesy of our daughter)Each year on January 1st our family prepares an ethnic meal, but this year we decided to  add a little twist and do our own version of a medieval dinner. All was not true to historical details, but it certainly was fun!The girls went thrift store shopping for their outfits, and we tried some medieval recipes found on the internet.The men sported swords from our grandson's collection.We all missed the use of forks…only spoons and knives were allowed, and using bread slices as cutlery proved to be a challenge.Some photos of the grandchildren:Dessert:Lots of laughs, good conversation, and thankfulness that a new year started by being together.