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Last week we visited the Vancouver Aquarium…time well spent. I was intrigued by the jellyfish, each one unique….I am joining in with Mosaic Mondays, with thanks to Mary.

More of Seattle

Yesterday I posted photos of the flower market at Pike place here. There is so much more to see at and near the market, but because our trip was a one day whirlwind affair, I know we missed a lot.
I loved the colourful peppers arranged in wreaths and swags

Oh, seafood!

We stopped for lunch at Ivar’s, a waterfront restaurant we had visited about 30 years ago when our children were young. The food is still great!

To “top” it off, some of us went up on the space needle…not me! (can’t do heights)
If you want to see more of Pike Place Market, Judy at My Front Porch has some great photos in her interesting post today.

Flower Market

This week we spent a few days in Vancouver, British Columbia. We drove to Seattle for a day and visited Pike Place Market. I just loved the beautiful bouquets and cut flowers! They were also reasonably priced, but since we were cross-border shopping, we couldn’t bring the real thing home, so I took lots of photos to enjoy in the coming days when snow flies…

Even though these aren't my flowers. I am taking the liberty of flaunting them over at Tootsies anyway.


I had no idea I would have any flowers to show this week…we are having an unusual fall season. After an abundance of rain this last summer, and then a light frost, we had lovely warm weather followed by cool sunny days. I am so happy I didn’t rush to pull up the annuals as some , like the petunias, are nicer now than they were all summer.  The few alyssum I have are totally covered in bloom!  There are many more flowers to see at Tootsie’s place, and thanks Tootsie, for hosting again.


Come, ye thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest home;
All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.
God our Maker doth provide for our wants to be supplied;
Come to God's own temple, come, raise the song of harvest home.HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OUR CANADIAN FRIENDS!

Flaunting my flowers – Oct 8, 2010

Yes, it’s time to join in with Tootsie for Friday’s flower flaunting!
I have been waiting all summer for this passion flower vine to bloom, and  finally, it has 2 blooms, and lots of buds, which will likely freeze before long. It’s a nice vine, but i don’t think I’ll attempt it again….

There are just a few blooms which survived our first frosts, so I gathered them into the house…strawflowers, dahlias, coleus, dusty miller, and a couple late hydrangea blooms.

…and the last rose of summer…Queen Elizabeth. The roses also have many buds.

My Mom grew this orchid, and graciously gave it to me in flower. …pretty fall colour…

One thing which is doing very well right now are the ornamental cabbages. They look so vivid in the sunlight! We have been having unseasonably warm weather, so it’s nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors…

Now head over to Tootsie’s to see more blooms!