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Autumn Tea–Sept 30, 2013

It’s a lovely day today, so the deck would be an ideal spot to have a cup of tea and a cookie.
A lap quilt makes a nice table covering.

I found these autumn plates at Home Goods last week.

The little yellow mums have started to bloom….I hope the frost stays away for a while…

Even the butterfly is adorned in fall colours!

Tuesday is always tea time

Tuesday Tea Time–Sept 9th, 2013

I have set a little tea table, using my peacock dishes.

I still smile every time I see this teapot!

Love the detail in the embossed flower plates…

Some garden flowers for the table…
On the weekend we celebrated our daughter’s special birthday. After dinner we enjoyed an assortment of desserts made by family and friends…
pumpkin cheesecake, strawberry-rhubarb cobbler,ice cream cake, butter tarts, brownies, trifle, and fruit platters and dip.

A separate photo of the pumpkin cheesecake