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Royalty–the Queen

Today I will be glued to the television, watching the wedding of Kate and Wills…I wish I could be in London…I would love to be  outside Buckingham Palace when they do the balcony scene… I have always been very interested in the Royal family, and I do remember the Queen’s wedding. I was just a little girl when she was married, and my parents woke me up to listen to the ceremony on the radio….that high voice of the then Princess Elizabeth, making her marriage vows.I am thinking about the first time I saw the Queen here in Winnipeg. It was 1957. My first job was in a downtown office, on the 6th floor, right on the route the Queen would be travelling. When the moment came, we all leaned out of the open windows and cheered, then , because the motorcade drove very slowly, we all rushed down to the street and were able to get a view from that vantage point. How exciting!Later that evening my husband and I were driving down town, and quite unexpectedly, we saw the open car in which the Queen…

Happy Easter!

Thinking today about..
The Lamb of God..Resurrected…Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

Lightening Up!

We took the plunge and painted our oak china cabinet. We haven’t yet found the right knobs and pulls so I have been looking online and in magazines for inspiration. The oak counter has been left as it was, and it goes nicely with our dining table and chairs and the oak beams. Perhaps later it too will be painted. My husband painted the frames, etc., but we sent the doors out to be sprayed. I must say that even though the cabinets are 34 years old, they look very good. A local company, Western Paint, did the work and  were very pleasant to work with. Our kitchen cabinets had previously been painted and glazed a few years ago, and now we had them sprayed also. The colour is not pure has a grayish cast, which goes well with our backsplash.Below is a photo of the same cabinet at Christmas.Bunnies are popping up around here just in time for spring. This morning I saw a live one running across our street.I grew some wheat grass…it took just a few days to get to this state, and giv…


It’s time to bring out my collection of Ukrainian Easter eggs (Pysanky).I bought some of the antique eggs at an auction, and every year my Mom buys one for each of the ladies in the family.

Following in Her Son’s Footsteps

Last summer our Grandson went on a short term missions trip to Latvia, where they taught English.  He loved the people, and the experience was very good for him. Recently, there was an opportunity for 3 people to fill in on another trip, to Portugal. Our daughter followed in her son’s steps, and  volunteered. Here she is, teaching! Her normal work is in a totally different field, so this is new to her. I know she is doing a good job.Photo credit and more info: below, her son..our grandson…

Looking Ahead to Easter

...Our kitchen is being painted.. .... .cupboard doors out for spraying, so it's not pretty.. ....but there are some spring touches on the open shelves.. ....I have decided I would not like permanent open shelving!...