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My First Note Card Party

I am joining Vee for her note card party today.These are floral bouquets made from my garden flowers…

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

“God save our gracious Queen,Long Live our noble Queen.God save the Queen!”This weekend marks our Queen’s 60th anniversary jubilee. I am a great fan of the Queen…through all her years she has maintained her dignity and grace, and has visited her realm many times. The first time I saw the Queen she was wearing yellow, a colour much like this rose. She was much younger then, and a true beauty..So today, I am assembling my Royal mementos, and having a cup of tea in her honour.Last week we had our cousins from England with us , and they brought us a mug and cup and saucer from the Royal Yacht Britannia, said to be one of the Queen’s favourite homes away from home. She was very sad when it was de-commissioned a few years ago.A little plate in celebration of the Queen`s golden Jubilee....and a cup from the coronation…(I bought this one at a garage sale!)The mug with the crossed swords was a souvenir from our visit to the Tower of London.For tea, I am serving cucumber sandwiches and a lime s…