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"Time"ly Problem...the Answer

Check back to yesterday's post to see the pictures.....
The problem with the clock is that the Roman numeral for 4 is IV, not llll !
Now, I keep noticing it too......

A "Time"ly Problem

We have had this clock for a couple months. A few days ago our Grandson was here and while we were having a cup of tea he said that every time he looks at that clock, he gets annoyed.

Neither my hubby or I had noticed anything wrong, but we weren't very observant.

Can you see the problem ???
(I'll post the answer tomorrow.)

Reflections ....

Our bathroom has one mirrored wall, and from one angle it looks as if there are multiples of the same view (the room repeats itself to infinity!)

I placed the live lily plant in front of the mirror. I love those flowers in the most delicate shades of pink, which seem to bring out the pink tones in the marble. We have had that marble in the room for 22 years, and I have never tired of it.

Happy Easter!

Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!
(John 1:29b )

The Egg and the Onion

As is our tradition , today I dyed some eggs using onion skins. They are not just for decoration....we actually eat them with our Easter dinner. All this in connection with an egg-bashing contest....

The Truth Project

In our church small group we are participating in the Truth Project.

With Easter coming up, many people will be thinking about what it means to them.

One of the questions we have been asked in the course is:

"Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?"

.... a thought-provoking question!

Farmer Rabbit

The farmer decided it was time to plant some wheat. First there were tiny shoots just peeking through the ground. In one week, the grass was quite green, and actually had to be mowed so he could be seen. He looks with satisfaction on his field of green, with a few colored eggs which popped up in time for Easter.

Birds !!

I recently read that birds are very much in fashion in decor…I guess I already knew it, but just took note of those in my own house, which I had bought just because I like nature themed things, not to keep up with trends. Some were also given to us as gifts.>>>and here is a sampling>>>>

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

I have a small collection of Ukrainian Easter eggs. Every year my Mom buys one for each of the girls in our family. The process of dying them involves many dips into various colors of dye, with drawings with a stylus and beeswax between each.Technorati Tags: ,