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New Blues

Some new blues for our kitchen - dining room...a new rug, teapot, and a recovered chair..

My Dad-- The Teacher

This photo was taken in the 1940's, and shows some of the pupils in my Dad's one room school in Saskatchewan (I am the girl on the extreme left).
As I  look at the picture, several things stand out in my dress made by my Mom, without using a of the girls who came from an abusive, alcoholic home, a boy who had frequent  "accidents" in school, and so on.
But the most memorable thing to me is the quality of Dad's teaching...see the care with which the name of the school and the music were drawn on the blackboard, in chalk. What you can't see is the enthusiasm and care he showed in his teaching. It was a country electricity, sparse funding, etc., but we got a good education!
I guess this all reminds me of a Hallmark commercial ...and today is one day I would like to run out and buy him a sentimental card...but this will have to do....

                                                             Dad - 1910-1987

Bouquet of the Day, June 11, 2011

Alliums, Siberian Iris, Dark Purple Iris, from my garden

Tea Time, June 5

For our tea break today, it’s rhubarb again…..this time a layered square; a baked buttery crust, next is a thickened rhubarb mixture, then a layer of mini marshmallows in whipped cream, all topped with a vanilla custard. This is a very delicious dessert. We had a committee meeting at our house last night and this is all that is left for today!.

My china is Royal Worcester Gold Chantilly. I purchased a set of 8 place settings a long time ago, quite unintentionally…Originally I bought a set of china with 24 carat gold trim at a very good price, and was going to use it for every day . When my family saw it, they all said ”Oh, Mom, it looks like you got this as a premium at a gas station!” So my little daughter and I trooped back to the store, and her choice happened to be the most expensive china they carried...I believe it was this Royal Crown Derby, or one similar ….
quite beyond my budget…

so we both settled on this one… just to tell you how long ago this took place, the entire 8 perso…