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This week at the Tea-Blog-A-Thon, we are doing the following:

The White, Green, Black, and Herb of Tea
Tell about your favorite tea. How do you prepare it and serve it? Milk and sugar? Plain? What are some of your best memories of serving or sipping on this tea? Share a picture if you can. Tell the health benefits of the tea(s) you prefer. Where do you purchase your tea? Is there someplace you enjoying purchasing tea from? Who from and where? My favorite tea blend is Lady Grey....similar to Earl Grey, but with a bit more citrus. I first bought it in England, but it is also available in Canada. There is nothing as good for an afternoon pick-me-up as a steaming cup of Lady grey (with a little shortbread, of course!)


This week, at the Tea Blog-A-Thon, we are posting recipes for yummy tea time treats. My recipe is for scones. I seem to be called on to bake these for many occasions. They are supposedly the very ones served at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, B.C., at their special cream teas.
If you try them, please leave a comment

Here is the recipe: Scones
3 c flour
½ c sugar
2 Tbsp. baking powder
½ c butter
1/3 c golden raisins
1 c whipping cream
2 eggs

Mix the flour, sugar and baking powder. Cut in butter until pea sized. Stir in raisins. Beat eggs and add cream. Gradually add liquids to dry mixture. Mix until no dry spots remain.. Roll or pat to 1 inch thickness. Cut into circles or diamonds , brush with egg/milk wash and sprinkle wth sugar if desired, and rest for ½ hour.
Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or golden brown. Makes 16

Enjoy the scones!


On the right, our Granddaughter Savannah, in a cute outfit.

Hannah, left, in her hat..

This week, as part of the TEA BLOG-A-THON, we are to post about clothing and accessories suitable for a tea party. .

Our church ladies had a lovely tea party for Moms and daughters .

One of the Moms with her charming daughter, both dressed for tea!.

A group shot..


Sadly, I have nothing in the way of stitched, etc things to post this week, for the TEA -A -THON.
So, I thought I would show this photo of a tea and coffee shop in Glasgow, Scotland. I loved the color of the shop, and more beautiful was the array of fine teas ands coffees for sale. My hubby gladly posed for this shot.

TEA-A-THON-decorating with TEA THEME

If you haven't been over to Gracious Hospitality for "tea", check it out. Link is on a previous post.
This teapot, cream, and sugar were given to me by my Mom, who received it as a wedding gift 71 years ago. I remember it displayed in Mom's antique china cabinet, but I don't recall if she ever actually used it for tea! I have carried on her tradition and only use them as a decorative item. Mom still lives in her own house, and has several other wedding gifts which she uses for special occasions.