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Gourmet Food - Manitoba style

This week my brother has been with us. He knows where to forage for mushrooms. wild asparagus, fiddleheads, etc.
He fished on Sunday and brought 17 goldeye with him. He has a smoker so he will produce his own Winnipeg Goldeye, one of this province's famous delicacies. (our city's baseball team is named "Winnipeg Goldeyes") Here they are on my kitchen counter....

Yesterday, after a drive out in the country, he came back with about 12 lbs. of chanterelles. They are on our menu for Sunday dinner. We are currently looking up recipes using that type of mushroom. ...should be tasty!

Christmas in July - Teatime

I have been noticing quite a few references to Christmas in July...appliance and furniture sales, etc. I guess people love Christmas so much, they can't wait a whole year.

Very often the Christmas season seems to fly by so quickly, and we never have time to just sit down with a cup of tea and relax.

I was happy to be able to use some of our own cedar branches today. In winter they look very dull and cold.
"Hope for Humanity" rose is the right shade of red, and the name fits right in too, since what better hope is there for humankind than the promise of peace which comes from the Christ Child?
I made some shortbread cookies for our tea. Our family loves them, so after I distributed some to each of our children's homes, there are still enough left for us to enjoy.
We always enjoy tea in our Mikasa Christmas crystal mugs.
The silver pheasant stood guard in the first few photos, but then I decided to do a couple extra with the Christmas boxes, where I store holiday napki…

Easy Living--It's Summer!

While camping at Lake Winnipeg this week, we noticed the variety of life styles:
There are those who like to live among many neighbors;

Some enjoy their home on wheels;

Vintage trailer and car, anyone? This pair was for sale;

Then there are those who live in style right on the shore of the lake;
Room for the extended family, I would guess;

We loved this gem!

Then there was this large condo in the sky! The residents were very noisy as they fed on their delectable diet of mosquitos!
As for us, we like to get away in our little travel trailer, and return home to our bungalow. Home is sweet!

Tea Time Tuesday....without tea

We roasted a chicken on the grill yesterday, so it's leftovers today. I don't like to reheat chicken, so I have made a chicken salad, perfect for a hot summer day like today.

I set our little round table on the deck, and picked a few flowers...lady's mantle, and pink baby's breath from our garden. Last week I found a pretty pink glass vase to put them in....found it in the thrift store...
Dessert is fruit, and beverage is sparkling soda for me and coke for Bob. No tea cups today...just some nice stemware purchased at Bowrings.

Insulted rabbit?

Yesterday I mentioned our resident rabbit, and went on to call it "he".

As my husband was doing some work in the garden he was suddenly startled by some quick movements among the plants. Surprise!...2 little bunnies!
No wonder Momma is hanging around so much...she is guarding her little ones, or possibly being close by for feeding time....
I couldn't get any photos of the bunnies, but here is Momma today....munching on petunias...

Canada Day 2013

I am so thankful for our country..the freedom to worship, abundance of clean water, wide open spaces, and I could go on. I read a little statement last week which said that the things we often take for granted are the ones other people pray for.
Here in Winnipeg, Canada, money is important! Why?...Because the Canadian Mint produces coins for more than 175 countries.This morning we headed over to the Mint for a special Canada Day celebration.
 This cool spot is at the entryway.

 Some of our coins...
 It is time now to stop and have a cup of tea and a dessert.
 We are drinking Red Rose Tea today...I think it is unique to Canada. It is my favorite Orange Pekoe. The china is Royal Worchester Chantilly Gold.
 I made a layered dessert...
Meanwhile out on the lawn our resident rabbit is looking quite lazy, stretched out on the grass in a most unusual pose. He lives under our deck and we notice that when we come out, he appears at a safe distance but we don't frighten him (or her!) Many…