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Thanksgiving Day brought 16 of us around our table yesterday. After a glorious fall day on Sunday, we had wind, rain and cool weather as everyone arrived.

We have much to be thankful for.

Today we can enjoy the leftover turkey, and of course, a piece of apple pie.

This autumn our hydrangeas have been beautiful, turning a prettier pink than usual. I seeded some Osaka ornamental cabbages, and they too have been very pretty. I love the delicate markings on the leaf edges.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend

French Bakery - A l'Epi de Ble

When we desire a little touch of France, and delectable treats, we head across the river to a little French Bakery. There are only 3 or 4 tables but it as a delightful experience. There is a constant flow of customers, all welcomed with big smiles and a "Bonjour!" by the lovely French owners. It is difficult to choose among the taste-tempting croissants, cakes, and tarts

Macarons in many flavours....
A nice variety of jams are also available, all from Provence
Big smiles and crisp uniforms add to the ambience.
Of course, coffee is a must!

Forget - Me - Not Tea

I was given a free packet of forget-me-not flower seeds, and was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of sweet little flowers. I have been cutting them for small arrangements.
I was struck by the similarity to the pattern on my favourite tea cup and saucer- Shelley Dainty Blue
A little tea setting outdoors near the pond seemed in order
A blueberry printed tea towel was pressed into service as a runner.
The tea today was Celestial Blueberry

A Pioneer Homestead

On a recent car trip through Manitoba, we visited the Negrych farm near Dauphin, a pioneer Ukrainian homestead . The buildings were constructed  between 1897 and 1915, and amazingly, have remained in their original style. Repairs are made, but the integrity of the buildings remain.

Buildings are log construction, and most materials came from the farm itself. The outer walls are coated with a clay-based mixture. All shingles were hand-made. The style of construction is Carpathian, from an area in Europe.  All hinges, gutters and other fittings were hand crafted. I was very impressed with the location which was near a beautiful creek, from which water was drawn, and ice blocks were cut in winter and kept in an ice-house where milk and meat were stored well into the summer. Kitchen tools and containers were also hand-made One very interesting building contained a smokehouse and a clay oven. An alcove above the oven (top left) was often used as a sleeping shelf for the younger children. A…

Chanterelle Mushrooms - A Breakfast Feast!

Have you ever eaten chanterelle mushrooms?

Recently my brother visited, bringing along some freshly picked chanterelles, and while we attended church, he prepared a delectable lunch for us....lovely omelets filled with mushrooms.
The chanterelles were lightly sautéed in butter...
The egg mixture was prepared...eggs, green onions, parmesan cheese, and a dash of cream.. And then...the finished plate! Bacon was crisp, and the toasted Italian bread was just perfect! I felt truly spoiled!

Tea Time - Strawberry Pie

Fresh-picked strawberries are so tasty!
I saw a recipe for strawberry pie and tried it out.

Tea is always better from a fine china cup!

Friday Flowers May 29

Lilacs, tulips, lungwort, Solomon's seal

Tea Time- May 18, 2015 - with SnOw!

Victoria Day is usually the weekend we Manitobans head for the campgrounds and cottages, or have that  longed-for family picnic. Not this year! We have had strong winds, and rain changing to sleet and snow. So it might be a good idea to do a little baking...
I found a recipe for a simple cheesecake with a hidden fruit surprise in the filling.

I assembled the ingredients. I made a bing cherry filling using frozen cherries.

The recipe size was just right for my heart shaped spring form pan. Time to steep a cup of fruit herbal tea and leaf through a copy of a summer-themed magazine and pretend we don't have snow on the ground! The cup and saucer is Shelley Blue, one of my favorites.
Enjoy your day, wherever you are,


Our tradition is to dye eggs using onion skins. I used a combination of yellow and red onion skins.
There is always an amused reaction when I go through the till with a bag of skins only!
 ....And the table is almost ready!

Happy Easter to all! The Lord is risen!


Symbols of Easter in white chocolate:
The bunny was purchased, and I made the lamb in a mold...
My bunny accessories are not Easter bunnies, but rather a reminder of the many rabbits we have around our garden, and how much we enjoy them....
The lamb is a reminder of the Lamb of God , who took away the sins of the world... Tulips are also a reminder of the spring season....this mug is a favourite!


On Monday, my daughter treated me to an Easter Egg decorating evening at her church. We learned the art of decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs, or"'Pysanky".
The tool used is a stylus which consists of a copper-wrapped thin funnel attached to a wood dowel.

The stylus is heated over a candle flame, then beeswax is scooped into the funnel. It is reheated and the wax is then drawn on a clean white egg using the pointed end of the tool..

 After any areas to be left white are covered with wax, the egg is dyed in a light  coloured dye.

 The process is repeated...Heating, scooping, drawing with wax, dipping in progressively darker dye, etc., until the desired effect is achieved.

The wax is then melted off using the candle flame or a heat gun and left as is, or lightly varnished or oiled.

Some photos of eggs from my collection...all except one were given to me by my Mom. The one looking worst (in the bottom photo) is my attempt on Monday!...but what a lot of fun we had!