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Eccles Cakes and Downton Abbey

Just this week I found a blog I love! I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey , and was so pleased to see a blog which specializes in Downton Abbey cooking. I will certainly be trying some of those recipes.I happened to bake some eccles cakes, as I had currants, mixed peel, and a packet of puff pastry left over from Christmas baking. When I worked downtown many years ago, I would often buy Eccles cakes at Eatons department  store (I still miss Eatons!!)Here is a link to the blog’s recipe, which differs somewhat from the one I used. set out my Mom’s silver tea service and tray, and am using a cup and saucer she received from my Dad in the early 1950’s. If he went on a rare business trip he often brought back a cup and saucer for her. This particular cup was her favorite. The stamp is Paragon bone china, by appointment to Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary.Be sure to visit our delightful hostess, Sandi, who hos…