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Mosaic Monday – November 30

Christmas is just around the corner! Just a few photos pertaining to the season.My sister –in-law sews these little napkins…when folded they form a Christmas tree shape, and she has chosen very nice fabric. They go so well with my Gold Chantilly china and a gold pinecone as an accessory. She sells them for only $6.00 for a set of four!Each week I anticipate seeing all the lovely collages at Little Red House.Thanks to Mary.

Pineridge Hollow House Tour Part 3

More of the first house we toured…The sun room (below) was stunning..the colors…the tree…the garlands…so comfy and bright!Even the rooster lamp was bedecked with a wreath I loved the picture in the bedroom.

Blessings To All!

Wishing all our American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Pineridge Hollow Christmas Tour Part Two

House number one on our tour was fabulous! The very talented and charming hostess Shelley, holds classes in dried wreaths, swags, tablecenters, etc., as well as making and distributing  wonderful potpourri. The large room above the garage is the kind of craft area we would all covet… Photos were taken by my daughter, who has talent for such things! The ribbon area.. Potpourri… Part of the cozy room..the craft table where classes are held.. One wall of clear bins for storage of the fruits and herbs which Shelley harvests and dries…oooh, such variety!… wrapping area… ..overview of the room… So, are you loving it?The rest of the house …another day, (after a short blogging break)…

Pineridge Hollow Christmas Home Tour 2009 Part One

Each year, Pineridge Hollow organizes a home tour for a charity. This year, the proceeds are going to aid an orphanage in Bolivia. Decorators from Pineridge do the decorating of each home, interspersed with the owner’s own decor. Many of the items on display are from the store, or can be ordered. The photos below are of the second home we toured..a 1920’s home along the river, It has been fully renovated. The Christmas decor is quite simple, but very effective,….. lots of brown with natural boughs.First, the dining table..A chest at the top of the stairs The kitchen was so gorgeous, and this sheep on the counter just won my heart ($100)A lovely bed in a room with an odd shaped window in a slanted wall…That is it for one home…I’ll be back with more photos of other homes.

Wreaths and Swags

These are some of the wreaths and swags which I sold at a recent craft sale. I find that they are vey difficult to photograph well…I think they sre much prettier in “person”….

Do you, or Don’t You?

When you go to other people’s homes, do you remove your shoes? I have heard it said by British or American folks that you can recognize a Canadian gathering by the shoes by the front door…The photos show the shoes  in the foyer at a recent family event, and I chuckled at the fact that there were only one or two pair which were neatly placed.One of our little family members was scolding her Grandpa for wearing shoes in the house, not understanding that they were actually slippers, …so we train 'em while they’re young!

A Preview of the Season

We took a little drive to our favorite country shoppe, ( Pineridge Hollow) to check out their new furniture section. It was getting decked out in Christmas finery. We will soon be going on the house tour which they hold for charity. I like the pine boughs draped from the headboard, below, but if I did that, I’d likely wake up at night thinking that spiders were on my face! Love the white jugs and the cow!

Remembrance Day in Canada

Remembrance Day commemorates the sacrifices of people in all armed conflicts, particularly World War I, World War II and the Korean Conflict.(I’m sorry I don’t know who to credit the photo to)

Mosaic Monday- Christmas Tags

Mary, at Little Red House is hosting her weekly Mosaic Monday, and as always, there are some wonderful photos to be seen. Thanks, Mary!
My mosaic this week is of some Christmas tags which I have been preparing for a craft show this upcoming weekend.
If you want to see larger pics, click on the Mosaic.

Mosaic Monday - Mom's 90th

Some shots of my mom's 90th birthday party yesterday. She enjoyed the day, and stayed looking pretty fresh all day...

There are many lovely mosaics at Mary's , so why not go visit?