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Titanic - Remembering...

The year was 1912...early spring....a young Mother with 4 little children is preparing to leave her home in Europe to meet her husband in Canada.....he had gone on a year earlier to begin breaking land and build a home on the homestead provided by the Canadian government in a place with a very foreign sounding name...Saskatchewan...her father-in-law was traveling with her, to help with the children...
She planned to leave in March, in time for the spring thaw in her new country...she'd be able to plant a garden....she contacted an agent who arranged passages, and is told that a big new ship would be sailing in March, and there would be lots of parties on it's maiden voyage...she laughs at that idea...not too much partying to be done with 4 small kids!...
However, the maiden departure of the ship was delayed...there was a collision of a White Star sister ship, the Olympic, with a Royal Navy cruiser Hawke, and workers were diverted to deal with those repairs...the new date for …

Tuesday Tea Time -Spring Green

Just a quickly assembled tea...inspired by spring green flowers...
It's all in a light green tray...easily portable...
The china pattern is Foley Devonshire, and the teacup has the same floral pattern, and is marked EB.
The little china accessory is a flower with a butterfly perched atop.

I am participating in Sandi's tea party...thanks, Sandi, for hostessing this weekly fun time!

Rejoicing in the Resurrection

Happy Easter to all!

Tea, Anyone?

It's been a while since I've joined Sandi for a tea party. With a Spring-Easter theme in mind, I've  set out a few things... sorry, I don't have my baking done yet, but I'll hurry and get it done before you all arrive....Would you like the tulip mug, or the asparagus one?
I thought I would use my bird teapot, which my Mom gave me, as it seems just right for this season... The lacy thistle placemats from our trip to Scotland will do will the pretty polka dot plates (I hear polka dots are "in")
 In case we  need a little spoonful of jam, I'm getting the jam pot ready... The bunny keeps watch from his spot under the dome... I like tulips, and these orange ones are so bright... Isn't Easter a wonderful time??...and the reason we celebrate is the BEST of all!!