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Summer Morning

We have been enjoying the deck this year, more than ever...there have been no mosqitoes, and the weather has been fine. While having that morning cup of coffee, my eyes wander over the yard, and I see many areas which need weeding, watering,or pruning, so that determines my activity for the next hour or so.
Sometimes I head back into the house for my camera, to capture a bloom or two, to enjoy when we face the long winter months when there is only an all-white vista from our window.

This week the hydrangeas are favorite flower.

Last week we stopped at Homesense, and the anticipated summer garden clearance was happening. I quickly snapped up this garden urn, about 1 minute before someone else asked to purchase it! It is about 4 feet tall, and heavy!  With our son's help, we placed it in a temporary location along our garden path. Next spring we'll decide on a permanent spot.

I hope you are enjoying YOUR summer.

The Garden - July 20th, 2011

We have had some hot weather, so most days the flowers look quite wilted, but it is cloudy today, so I managed to get a few photos. ....the baker's rack, on the deck...
This is a close up of the pink plant on the baker's of my favorites this year,,,a type of miniature petunia, very prolific, and not trailing. A view of the yard...we have too much clover in our lawn, and it is rather dormant from the heat... I love the "Endless Summer" hydrangea..I treated some of the plants with aluminum sulphate to bring out the blue, but I left others pink, which is the norm for our soil.

Ornamental cabbage...very leafy!

In the background is Egyptian onion, or garlic, which forms heads at the top of each stem.
I haven't flaunted my flowers over at Tootsie's for some time, but I'm joining in today.

The Lilies of Manitoba

Last weekend we attended a garden tour at Carman, Manitoba. The lilies and roses were spectacular. I am sharing some photos of the lilies…enjoy!

The orange lily below looked smashing against the dark green of the outbuilding

These are from my own garden:

Garden Tour -Carman, Manitoba

Carman is a lovely town, and we were impressed with the gardens and landscaping. The garden tour showcased 6 gardens of varying types, but as we drove through the streets, we noticed many beautiful, well-kept yards. Below is  smokebush, which is not normally hardy in our climate, but  one garden had 3, and we were so envious (in a good sort of way!)
Roses were in full bloom... Someone had a petunia "tree" The garden below was a profuson of color, randomly planted. Lots of hanging pots in one garden, and each one appeared to be perfectly shaped.. Someone had a rustic concrete pad with large log slices for seating...quite nicely suited to the locale, right on the edge of a corn field.

We are enjoying a period of very hot weather right now, quite different from the last two summers, If the gardens are watered, they do well...tomatoes are loving it!

Tea With Cindy

Cindy from Oakview Cottage came over for tea today. I always look forward to our visits. We met through our blogs and live quite near each other. Cindy has a wonderful talent for decorating her home.I baked some scones and we enjoyed them with jam, whipped cream, and strawberries.I used my wedding gift bone china, Foley Devonshire. The flowers are from the garden.I am joiningSandi for tea time Tuesdays again. Be sure to visit her lovely blog.Recipe for the scones can be found here.

54 Years Ago Today

July 1, 1957…we were married.Remembering… it wasn’t a fancy event like most weddings today…but pretty in it’s own way. I bought  a bridal magazine, picked out a gown, and had it made by a dressmaker (cost…$40!) The reception food was prepared by us…fancy sandwiches,…… chiffon cakes made by Mom, ….strawberries from my parents’ garden, ….wedding cake baked and decorated beautifully by Mom.The honeymoon…car trip to the Wisconsin Dells…and later a reception in the farming community where I grew up in Saskatchewan, hosted by my parents.That was the wedding…the MARRIAGE was based on Biblical standards, standards which still hold firm today…We are so blessed all these years later, to have my Mom and all our siblings with us…and lovely children and grandchildren… much to be thankful for……and, most of all … a patient and loving husband!!!