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Tea Time December 30, 2013

The table is set with Lenox Holiday china.

We host a Bible study group, and the men especially enjoy butter and mincemeat tarts, and the ladies like the lemon slice…

I sometimes think about how much fun it would be to have my blog friends around my table. What an interesting conversation that would be!

We are preparing for our family New Years Day tradition. W have a themed dinner , and this year it is a medieval meal…should be fun!



Christmas Decorating Part 2

Here a few more pictures of our house.Just a word about decorating…I don’t decorate to show off the house, or to try to outdo anyone else…When I have joy in my life, it always comes out in trying to beautify my surroundings…I think our entire family is like that…we have artists, photographers, etc., who have used their gifts to bless others, and even as life work.Anyway, a few views in the dining room…

Christmas Decorating, 2013, Part One

It has been fun decorating the house this year. I didn't buy anything new, in fact I have been weeding out things I haven’t used recently. Of course there are some sentimental ornaments I will never tire of…they stay!Here are some glimpses of our little bungalow decked out for  Christmas, 2013……the living room….…a little candlelight in the bedroom windows….


Someone sent me an email with some photos attached…sorry I can’t give credit to the source.Anyway, it did bring back some memories!Since my Dad taught in a one room school this one is precious! It is exactly like our school room looked!I wore these to school…did you?We received glasses like these for wedding gifts:And at Christmas, we used icicles on our tree, and carefully saved them for the next year…they were made of lead! Our tree, when I was a kid, looked exactly like this one:…and. did you wear these?And, finally…I’ll leave this as a mystery object…I think I remember it, but I am not sure….I guess I really date myself with this posting, but.. ah, well!

Tartan Coffee Time

I LOVE tartan!
At Christmas I bring out my tartan mugs and plates. They usually are displayed on a kitchen shelf along with some greens and candy canes. I bought them many years ago at a warehouse sale. There are no markings regarding the manufacturer. Today I have set them out for coffee.  I do have a cake, but it isn’t really picture-worthy.

The little tartan tins are a piggy bank from Scotland, and a tin which once held fudge from Harrods…only a sweet memory now…

This season is  busy with so many good times we often don’t have time to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and think about what Christmas is all about…I am trying to make time for that this year.

November 11

We remember……

Culinary Experience Part Two…And A Little Anecdote!

I previously described the building housing the Culinary Institute of Red River College, and although I said that the food wasn't my main interest, the nine of us did enjoy it very much.
Because of our family connection with India in the late 1800’s, dishes flavoured with curry are so popular. Four of us had the curried chicken, and by all reports it was delicious…

I had the pork tenderloin, with barley pilaf…the sauce was lovely!…

Another well seasoned dish was this chicken entree:

Sorry, I don’t have photos of dessert…we all came back to our house for that, and in my busy-ness I forgot to take photos of the schmoo torte (Winnipeg specialty) and walnut squares we indulged in.
Now to the anecdote…
As I mentioned, I would run across to this building, formerly a Royal Bank, with our daily deposit, and when I say run, I mean just that!…no strolling to the intersection to cross…. One cold winter day, I looked both ways, and charged across, only to find myself enveloped in big furry ar…

Culinary Experience

Each autumn the 5 ladies in our family celebrate our birthdays together…not  that our actual birthdays are the same date, but it’s just what we have decided to do.Yesterday was the day….we picked a special restaurant for lunch….Red River College’s Culinary Institute, now located in the Union building, the former Royal Bank location. This college has turned out some very successful chefs, and the restaurant is the training center for hospitality and food preparation. For me, the food was not the major attraction. When I was 18,  I worked across the street from this building, right next door to City Hall. After 6 months with the company I was with, I was so delighted when I was offered a position in the accounting department, which incidentally became my much loved life work. Every day I would run across the street to deposit our daily cash. I loved that bank!..the ornate ceilings, the marble counters, the wrought iron cages…all of it!So to see the renovated building as a restaurant was…

Small Changes

In the spring I gave you a small glimpse of our bedroom reading area. We had those floral swags for many years, and although the style was dated, I still loved the Laura Ashley fabric named ‘Wisteria”. Beside our recently recovered wing chair was a round bar table, which was given to me long ago, and it was okay if covered by a cloth.

When we were in Blackduck, Mn., visiting friends in October, I visited a fabric outlet store, and found another fabric I liked…Aviary Robin by Duralee. The price was right and the bolt held just enough for the 4 panels I needed. Sold!

Off to my friend for sewing, and a week later we had a new look.
We also purchased a small table from IKEA which is just large enough for a lamp and our clock.

My talented friend also sewed shams and a runner for our dresser.
A close-up of the fabric:

My sister in law, also a lovely seamstress, sewed cream-colored cushions from remnants bought at the same fabric outlet…$2.00 per pound!

On another note….
I am including a pict…

The Scent of Fall

Yesterday I baked some pumpkin muffins. As my husband walked in the door he said ”Mmm, something smells good!” I began to think of the many times I have heard or said the same words.

Many memories of fall are associated with smell:
My favourite candle “Leaves”…

i remember one trip to Door County, Wisconsin during the era of dried flower wreaths and swags, and wood cut outs…everything “country”…it seemed every shop had a lovely smelling potpourri…
My own house, smelling of pine or spruce, when I made hundreds of dried and cone wreaths for sale…

…walking through the woods when I was kid…the smell of wild cranberry ..

…and of course the delicious aroma of a roasting turkey at Thanksgiving…

…Can you remember the lovely scents of HOME as you walked in the door?

Tea Time–Oct 22, 2013

It’s certainly fall weather here…a few snow flurries today, but we have had some nice days to clean up the flower beds, and we are still eating our home grown tomatoes and onions.
Time now for a cup of tea and some warm pumpkin muffins.

The china is Orchard Gold by Aynsley, so suitable for fall.

I have just a few pieces, received as gifts from my parents when they travelled to England, and from their friends who visited us here.

In case we want a little snack beforehand, I have these little pumpkin cheese snacks…so cute!

Also on the table is a runner quilted by Mom, which may be called appropriately “flying geese”. and some late blooming asters from my garden.