Saturday, November 9, 2013

Culinary Experience Part Two…And A Little Anecdote!

I previously described the building housing the Culinary Institute of Red River College, and although I said that the food wasn't my main interest, the nine of us did enjoy it very much.
Because of our family connection with India in the late 1800’s, dishes flavoured with curry are so popular. Four of us had the curried chicken, and by all reports it was delicious…
I had the pork tenderloin, with barley pilaf…the sauce was lovely!…
Another well seasoned dish was this chicken entree:
Sorry, I don’t have photos of dessert…we all came back to our house for that, and in my busy-ness I forgot to take photos of the schmoo torte (Winnipeg specialty) and walnut squares we indulged in.
Now to the anecdote…
As I mentioned, I would run across to this building, formerly a Royal Bank, with our daily deposit, and when I say run, I mean just that!…no strolling to the intersection to cross…. One cold winter day, I looked both ways, and charged across, only to find myself enveloped in big furry arms…of a Winnipeg Policeman! At that time our Police wore buffalo coats, introduced in 1874, and worn for about a century.
Photo below courtesy of CBC:
li-buffalo-coats-130128“My dear”, he said,  “You can be fined for jay-walking!”  I wasn’t , and thanked him for his warning, and went off with a very red face!
By the way, those coats were very warm, but weighed about 25 pounds.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

The food looks fa u,out, Millie, and the story is a hoot!



ellen b. said...

Wow...loved the photo of the food but those coats really have me going. I'm thinking anyone could run and get away from a police officer weighed down by them... :)
Glad you weren't fined for jaywalking!!

Lorrie said...

The food looks wonderful - what was the India connection with your family?
Those big furry coats would be warm, but so heavy!

Cindy said...

The food sounds so good there! That is an interesting regarding the police wearing buffalo coats. I'm sure some of them wish they still did! It can get mighty cold out there.
I'm surprised to hear that j-walking is illegal here, that is one thing that I noticed as soon as I moved here, people j-walk all of the time, everywhere!