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Tea Time Tuesday, August 25, 2014

I baked a few lemon cupcakes, glazed with lemon. They are very delicate, and the tops are flat, but they are so tasty!
 I picked some green flowers from my garden today--Limelight hydrangea, Envy zinnias, lime coleus,and pale green lysianthus.
I do love the lysianthus! They also come in shades of pink, white and lavender.
The cups and saucers are Gold Chantilly by Royal Worchester and the little green plates are Carltonware, made in Australia. My teapot today is one of several of this type I purchased at Home Sense.

Late Summer

There!---I said it! LATE SUMMER! It got off to a slow start, and I feel I never did catch up. Life's events can do that. 
We do know that the seasons will continue to come and go, and summer has done just that. The garden gives us much is good to get out and till, and weed, and enjoy...

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!