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Autumn Tea

Sandi is hosting an Autumn Tea this week, so I gathered together our last flowers of the season (we had frost last night) and set a table for one…why just one?…well, because I only had one pumpkin mug, and one Danish apple square. I had a committee meeting at our house, and that was all that was left.I love my pumpkin mug!I am going to miss my flower garden. The dahlias will now have to dug up and stored for the winter, and the zinnias must be pulled up and discarded. We will still have the dusty miller, mums, and ornamental cabbage a little while longer.In the meantime, let us all enjoy the vibrant colours of fall!

Lemon Rose cake–for Tea

I really can’t say that this is a true Tea Time posting… I am cheating a bit!Yesterday we celebrated our daughter’s birthday with a family dinner…it was  lovely time!For our dessert, with our tea and coffee, we had this wonderful rose cake…luscious vanilla layers, with delightful Swiss buttercream icing. The cake was baked by our daughter’s friend who is making a name for herself with her baked creations.We also had a key lime pie, ….very  delicious.Joining Sandi for tea time Tuesday again.

Around Manitoba: The Grotto at Cook’s Creek

On a Sunday evening recently our daughter’s family and us went for a short drive to see the Grotto at Cook’s Creek.  The colours of the building photograph well..our daughter said they remind her of Portugal, where she visited last year.