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Hints of Autumn

Autumn is right around the corner, so I have started to decorate accordingly, with some late summer flowers.

Summer Games

Yesterday Grand-daughter came for a sleepover, and enjoyed a game of Monopoly with her Grampa.

Gryphon Tea Room

A few years ago we had a lovely time at the Gryphon Tea Room in Savannah, Georgia...came upon it by chance...and loved it. Every spring I wish I could be back there, no easy feat when you live in Manitoba like we do! Anyway, imagine our surprise when last week some dear cousins presented us with two mugs from the tea room! Today we sipped tea from them out on our deck . With it, we had cookies which I baked ..Martha Stewart's Earl Grey shortbread. YUM! Our grandson thought they would taste even better with an orange glaze, so he and I did just that, and he was right...