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I am once again joining in with Mary’s little Red House for her weekly look at lovely mosaics.Yesterday we attended the annual Pineridge Hollow Christmas Home Tour. Besides seeing lots of beautifully decorated homes, the five of had a really fun time. One of us is a professional decorator, but that didn’t stop the rest of us from chiming in with our ideas and comments! The youngest among us was my 12 year old granddaughter who especially enjoyed carrying around the pet cat at one of the homes. Burlap, lanterns, and mercury glass votives:A tablescape using fresh pink flowers, and burlap again…Notice the two trees flanking the fireplace… the candles in the fireplace were placed on slices of birch wood (very pretty!)I loved this bed…a birch bower was built around the four poster, and hung with evergreen and crystal…we all chuckled at the mental image of our husbands crawling into this bed!Outside a home which featured retro furnishings and accessories, this yellow Volkswagen was decorate…


I don’t ever remember picking flowers from my garden in November, but this year is very unusual. There are still a few brave petunias, daisies, and rosebuds. Of course dusty miller and ornamental cabbages are quite hardy, so they are still nice. I made a little arrangement for my kitchen.Over the summer I picked hydrangeas and dried them by leaving them in a vase with just a small amount of water, which evaporated as they dried.  I have gathered them together in a silver pedestal bowl.And finally, a very pretty purple mum, in an arrangement given to me by a dear friend:Now , pop over to Tootsie’s blog, the gal who hosts  “Flaunting your Flowers” every Friday.