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2009-The Year In Review

January—We celebrated Ukrainian Christmas Eve in honour of our son-in-law Jim.February found us celebrating again…eldest Grandson’s 17th birthday In March we flew to Mexico with our son and family for a week of sun and fun…what a great time we had!April…Easter…we remembered our Lord’s death and resurrection…and of course, the collection of pysanky was out on display.. …and second Grandson celebrated his 13th …May was the month we attended “I Believe: with the Winnipeg Symphony…granddaughter was in the childrens’ choir…we had dinner at our house that night.  She celebrated her 11th birthday in June.. June was the month we started enjoying our flower garden…sweet!July –vacation month…we took a trip to Minneapolis with our daughter and family…camping…sightseeing, shopping! Oh, so much fun! August…more enjoyment of the gardenSeptember…a nice day trip to Hecla IslandOctober..our Canadian Thanksgiving.Mom’s 90th birthday in November..we held an open house …great day!and that brings us to De…

Family Watch(es)

These are the hands of our family…our son, daughter, daughter in law, granddaughter, and 2 grandsons….we bought watches for all of them for Christmas, trying to suit each watch to the personality or interests they have…what fun we had doing that, at the Fossil store in the outlet mall..…the only hand not in the picture is that of our son in law…he already had a number of watches..…I like this photo, because it also signifies their closeness to each other..

Our Wish for You

Merry Christmas to All!
May you enjoy the true spirit of the season.

Family Room

When it's chilly outside, we head down to our family room to cozy up by the fireplace. Here are some pictures of the mantel and a general view.
 there is some beautiful decorating at "Thoughts from Over the Rainbow" so check out this lovely blog.

Mosaic Monday Dec 21, 2009

Just a few photos of Christmas decor around my house, in time for Mosaic Monday at Mary's. I love this time of year when lovely seasonal images are published.
One of the photos in the mosaic is this holly in a wall vase, which I have mounted on the bathroom mirror wall. I have had the vase for a couple years but didn't use it until now...until I discovered Command worked wonderfully! Now I have used them to hang ornaments from windows, an angel from another mirror, etc., etc. ! ( No, I am not advertising for them!)

Another picture from the mosaic is an ornament hung on our dining room window (also with a Command hook). I just tied a little bow at the top..the ornament is quite flat so it fits nicely on the window.

Have a great Christmas week, everyone!

Manitoba Home for the Holidays

Rhoda is hosting a party!! It should be fun to visit each others homes all decked out…see you there!Before you go, let’s take a walk through part of my house….The living roomDept. 56 “all Through the House”Dining room- small treeThe next photos are of the china cabinet with various china: Lennox mugs and teapotMy bell collection

Monday Mosaic – Sheep

It’s Monday again! That means we all head over to Mary’s for peeks into each other’s mosaic lives…with Christmas approaching, it should be extra good this month.Last week, when I posted for the cloche party, I included my Aynsley sheep which Mom bought for me in England. Some comments reminded me that the sheep have great significance at Christmas…and of course they are so right!The holiday is all about the Lamb of God…So with that in mind, I thought I would do a mosaic of sheep and lambs. All are from our house, except the one on the kitchen counter (saw it at house tour…love it!).Below is the real thing…taken on our trip to Scotland last year. I love the way each sheep was looking in my direction. I think they thought I would feed them!…or lead them home…or something…As we remember our Good Shepherd this Christmas season, let us all look to Him, and rejoice!

The Tree - 2009


Cloche Party!!

There is a cloche party today! Check out all the lovely posts at  A Stroll Thru LifeI tried 2 figurines in my cloche: First is an Aynsley sheep which my Mom gave me.Our little snowman violinist by Lennox is in the second set.   This is fun! I think I’ll try more scenarios,but now I’m off to see what others have done…

Mosaic Monday – November 30

Christmas is just around the corner! Just a few photos pertaining to the season.My sister –in-law sews these little napkins…when folded they form a Christmas tree shape, and she has chosen very nice fabric. They go so well with my Gold Chantilly china and a gold pinecone as an accessory. She sells them for only $6.00 for a set of four!Each week I anticipate seeing all the lovely collages at Little Red House.Thanks to Mary.

Pineridge Hollow House Tour Part 3

More of the first house we toured…The sun room (below) was stunning..the colors…the tree…the garlands…so comfy and bright!Even the rooster lamp was bedecked with a wreath I loved the picture in the bedroom.