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Winnipeg Orchid Show

Today was the beginning of a weekend orchid show. My brother is the show chairman. The displays were beautiful... orchids grown by ordinary folks, as a hobby. My 88 year old Mom displayed a number of her plants (she has about as many as her age!).

The yellow slipper is the type of orchid which grows wild in Manitoba. There were also plants for sale, so I picked out a nice yellow-green Phalaenopsis.

Suet Pudding? --How times have changed!

This is a book from 1940. "School Friends". Nice front cover, don't you think?


This is the back cover...

This is the wording on the back cover:

Here's the recipe for healthy appetites_ ATORA pudding two or three times a week. How they'll love that delicious melting c__? that ATORA beef suet makes and how good it is for kiddies who won't eat fat in the ordinary way. Every single shred of ATORA is honest nourishment, There's no waste, no fear of failure With ATORA," etc., etc.

Makes you wonder how many of those adults who were kids back then have blocked arteries, due to the "healthy " pudding they ate 2 or 3 times a week? The power of advertising!

The book was published in London and the company was in Manchester.

Tea - in the literary sense

Check out the Tea Bog-A-Thon ..A great idea, by a lovely hostess!

I don't have many tea themed books, but this little recipe book caught my eye when on vacation in Scotland. The recipes are very typical of the fare one might find when out for tea in the afternoon, or for a meal.

Preparing for Easter Dinner

We are getting the table set for dinner tomorrow. Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

Onion Skin Dyed Eggs

I am off to get out the saved onion skins and dye some eggs. Although other natural dyes like beets, coffee, etc., can be used, I prefer onions. Could it be because I LOVE onions in any shape or form?? The photo above is of last year's production. The flowers on the left were given to me by dear, sweet Cynthia, who was at our table for a Beth Moore course. The ladies at our table bonded so well we decided to meet for breakfast at my house last Saturday. What a nice time we had! Tomorrow is Good Friday so we will be attending our church to remember the Lord's death. How wonderful that we can look forward to Sunday to celebrate His resurrection!

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

My Mom buys each of us "girls" an egg every Easter. I always marvel at the amount of work which has gone into producing them. They are all "painted" with wax with a stylus at each layer of dye.
My ancestors came from the Ukraine, so the eggs have a special meaning to me.

Favorite Teacup

I love tea, teapots, teacups!

Here is my favorite cup and saucer...Shelley "Dainty Blue". While visiting my Aunt in a seniors' home I saw these at a tea and bake sale, and wasted no time paying my 3 dollars each for the only two available. I later discovered that they are quite valuable, but I was just attracted to the lovely color and shape.