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Yep, I am a copycat today!
On a lovely evening in June we drove to the other end of our city to see the “Mennonite Girls” at McNally Robinson. I had already purchased their  newest cookbook,   “Celebrations” and was so happy that 8 of the 10 girls were there to sign it.
I think this is the only cookbook which can bring tears to my eyes …when I read the inspiring stories of families much like mine.
As I looked through the book, I noticed that one of the photos seemed vaguely familiar….a green ceramic tray was exactly like one I own.
“I can do that, I thought!…I have the tray, I have rhubarb”!…Rhubarb sorbet!
Here is a photo of the page from the book: (with my first attempt, using sparkling mango soda)
Second time around: with club soda….

Second photo taken out on the deck.
I asked to have the back page signed…the Doxology…which for me, sums it all up!

Provincial Scenes - Manitoba

A few scenes from around our friendly province: Pinawa Dam and area

                                                      Neepawa, Manitoba

Hecla Island:

Winter at Birds Hill Park