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The Garden - August 25, 2011

Enjoying lovely summer weather...while many bloggers are looking forward, and even decorating for autumn, we are trying to squeeze every bit of summer into our memories,.... like squirrels stashing away winter food....
I love the mandevilla vine..this one has a little ruffled I sit at my computer and glance out the window, this is what I see.... ...and a view of the same plant reflected in the mirror on the deck.. The general view of the back yard today...
Today I harvested some hydrangeas for drying. I am trying some with pink food colouring in a glycerine - water mix, so we'll see how that goes....
I've also been playing around with other flowers...
                          .....Joining Tootsie for her weekly event...

Cooking for a Cause

Yesterday I was privileged to attend the book signing of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook book,at our local Ten Thouand Villages store, a special day for me, as I have been reading the blogs of several of the authors for a long time.....What lovely ladies!...friendly and sweet..., but most important, their book will benefit needy children. Read about it on their website: I asked my daughter to take a few photos for they are...signing .... ...and at the other end of the, being welcomed by Lovella and Anneliese ..Now I'm looking forward to trying more recipes!

Tea Time - Clafouti

Today I made a cherry-nectarine clafouti for our tea break. I used the basic recipe from MGCC, but since I had some cherries and nectarines which were ripe and needed using up, I substituted them for the peaches.
I often use recipes from MGCC, and I am looking forward to their book signing on Wednesday, just a few blocks from our house... My hubby and I had a slice of this dessert a few minutes after the photos were taken, while it was still warm....and yummm...was it tasty! My hubby said it was one of the best desserts he has ever tasted, and he's eaten quite a few over the years!!! For our beverage, I brewed the Earl Grey tea in a Martha Stewart teapot. Hubby used the new Denby mug he received from his sis for his birthday and I drank mine out of my favorite Denby breakfast cup which came back from Scotland in my carry-on (sadly, it's twin got broken on the trip!)

Plates were purchased a Macy's a while ago. My dahlias are finally blooming so they are included in the bouquet t…

Tea Time - Peacock blue

It's time for tea, and for this occasion we 'll have a raspberry cream meringue. I found the shells at Costco, so it's an easy dessert, and quite pretty, I think.
I am using my newest dishes, a peacock pattern...
Edie Rose by Rachel Bilson for  Macy's. There was just something about these which attracted me...

Sandi is hosting her Tea Time Tuesday, so you should visit...there is lots to see over there.

Flower Flaunting, August 9, 2011

While preparing this post I am reminded of the hail which befell Tootsie's garden this sad that must have been!
We have had lots of sunshine this year, and we will have a huge water bill, but the plants are coming along nicely.
This morning I picked a few flowers for a bouquet:
These are the flowers I have included...

Limelight hydrangea, Endless Summer hydrangea (blue and pink), Incrediball hydrangea, David Austin pink rose, dahlias, buddleia (butterfly bush), and hosta buds
Out in the garden the gloriosa daisies are glorious!
The mandevilla vine is stretching up to 6 feet tall and still twining...
The pink plant I showed you before is more full...that thing just never stops!
We have been enjoying our tomatoes...this photo has no ripe ones, ...because we've eaten them!
Now head over to Tootsie's and see what other folks are growing...

The Garden, Friday Aug 5..and a cool supper

First, a few views of the garden.... (you may click on photos to enlarge)

Sometimes, on these hot summer days, we like a salad supper. Today I made a chicken salad, no recipe; just things we like:
Cooked cubed chicken, nectarine, dried cranberries, and celery. The dressing was yoghurt, honey, a splash of vinegar, and a dash of curry powder....very tasty.

Along with it we had a potato salad, and some sliced fresh cucumbers from our garden, with just a sprinkling of, so good! Now that we've checked out the food,.... here are a few more photos of the flowers which are blooming now:
More lilies (late blooming) ...and limelight hydrangea, just beginning to flower. I'm recommending you go over to Tootsie's blog, where she hosts a Friday floral feature.