Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“March”ing toward Spring..

I love the pastel colours associated with Spring and Easter!  I brought out some of my favourites from storage today…and feel like spring has arrived….







For those who expressed concern, my doctor said my painful problem will heal on it’s own in a few weeks…no lifting, etc., …and I was looking forward to gardening…..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where We’ve Been

We spent the last month away in Arizona. We were scheduled to leave there later this week, but came home a few days early for medical reasons…I’ll see my own doctor tomorrow. We did enjoy our time there in a nice rented home. I didn’t take many photos, but these are a few scenes…
One enjoyable day was the Spring Training Chicago Cubs baseball game. We had a tailgate picnic before the game:
Our daughter enjoying her lunch:
Another short trip was to the Queen Creek Olive Mill, where we had a chance to taste the various olive oils…some were delicious!
I missed reading all my bloglist, so hope to catch up now.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My “Impossible” Dreams

My hubby often tells me his life has never been dull with me around! I think that may have something to do with my tendency to “dream something up”.
I was thinking about that last week, about some dreams that proved to be impossible, and others not
.Many years ago I subscribed to a women’s magazine which had a very appealing ad for Glorieta Baptist Camp in New Mexico. I thought it would be so lovely if our family could take a trip to attend . Alas, it never happened…after all, we were about 2000 miles away!
As we drove down to Arizona from our home in Canada a couple weeks ago, we happened to pass by Glorieta, and I stopped to take a photo, even though the center is closed for the winter…just to say that I finally got there!
Another “impossible” dream turned out to be possible after all…again, many years ago, we heard a missionary from Trans World Radio, speaking about their work in Bonaire. He said they could certainly use volunteers. I really wanted to do that, but with two teenagers at home it was impractical. Several years later, we volunteered to go on a mission trip with friends, destination unknown, and what a surprise it was to learn it would be to Bonaire! It was a wonderful 10 week experience.
(photo: brads bonaire blog)
Of course, I dreamed of having lovely grandchildren, and am happy to say the Lord answered that prayer too. In fact, I see his His hand in all my fulfilled dreams.