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Downton Abbey - New Season

To kick off the new season of Downton Abbey, we invited friends to watch it with us. I made a steamed mincemeat pudding which I served with custard sauce.
The silver teas service was inherited from my Mom as was the much - used silver serving spoon. I served the pudding in the crystal bowls shown.
The platter has a "regal" insignia! We used Royal Worchester "Gold Chantilly" china for our tea, but the program was about to start , and we didn't want to miss one moment, so I didn't get pictures. I do hope that there are not too many scandalous scenes in Season Five...yes I do know these things took place, but I don't care for graphic portrayals of them! When watching repeats of Season Four I noticed a table in Isobel Crawley's home which looked very familiar. It is almost identical to one my Dad made from a kit many years ago and which we have in our family room. Photo below taken at Christmas.

Reflecting on Family Times

Although my decorations are still up, and some fun events still planned, I am starting to look back on the Christmas season, and what was really important...
Our celebrations focused firstly on the birth of our Saviour Jesus....the church programs, the loving messages to and from family and friends, carols we love to sing, etc.
Of course there was the inevitable shopping, baking and decorating...

What I can especially tuck away in my memory bank would be the special times with our children and grandchildren. We have a son and a daughter and their spouses, and 3 grandchildren. the youngest being 16 years old. As we see them mature, we are very thankful for the choices they are making, and their accomplishments.
 Perhaps I am more conscious of these things because this last year my Mom passed away, and my husband has had health issues which have still not been fully diagnosed. (That in itself is a roller-coaster of emotions.)
Every January 1st our family has an ethnic themed dinner. Th…