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I am emerging from a blog absence. After recovering from the horrendous flu, we spent a week getting packed, and headed down to Arizona for a much-needed break from winter. There was limited access to the internet in the house we were at, so I wasn’t able to post on my blog…and I missed visiting my favourite sites each day!

There are other kinds of “winter” besides the weather, too,…the kind that puts a cold chill around your heart. I have experienced some of that,  and hopefully, I am emerging from that also.

Although the snow is still feet deep in our city, I believe that soon my spring bulbs will emerge, to bring a splash of colour to us.

We are preparing for Easter, around the house, as well as in our hearts…and the thought of Jesus emerging from the tomb gives us hope for eternity.

So there you have it, my word for the day, and my thoughts that go with it.