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Spring Green

Our spring has been very slow in arriving this year. As a result, planting has to be done in a mad rush. Today we did some of that at our son's home. I was struck once again by the lovely green color which seems to be seen only in spring. I happen to love any lime green plants or flowers but nothing can compare with the freshness of new foliage. Last week there were 20 yards (a semi load) of mushroom compost delivered to this garden, so we look forward to bounteous blooms and bumper crops of veggies!

The Pouring Teapot - Part 2

This is my second post on the subject of teapots.
My Mom gave me the silver tea service that she and Dad received for their 25th wedding anniversary. Although she used it often, I haven't done the same. It remains on display, but I hope to find the right occasion to pour tea from it soon.

The little teapots are 2 I purchased at an auction. Being new to auctions, I quite timidly bid, and when the auctioneeer asked how many of the 15 available I wanted, I said "two", and then regretted not buying them all. They are reproductions of teapots found in the Victoria and Albert Museum in England. Each one came with a little story on the history of the original.
Above is the teapot, cream and sugar from my set of Evesham china. My hubby bought many pieces for me, and it is certainly one set I use often. I once read that Prince Charles and Diana received Evehsam as a wedding gift and used it.On another note, I once did a Christmas tree in a tea theme. I don't know how to copy …

The Pouring Teapot

This week's subject at the blog-a-thon is teapots, a subject dear to my heart!

Below is a floral teapot which was an Ebay purchase. Flowers are always nice!

I like the inexpensive creamy teapots. There are also many other pieces available in the same style and pattern.

The bird teapot was given to me by Mom. It looks so nice for spring decor.

House shaped teapots are out all year long, as they seem to suit every season. They sometimes are on a kitchen shelf and other times are in the china cabinet.

A few years ago, when we had an interior designer helping us with our house, she commented on the use of teapots as part of the decor, and later told me she had used my idea for another house she was working on. I considered that quite a compliment.

I may have to do another posting this week ....

What's In A Name?

Star of Bethlehem...a lovely plant with flowers which are described well by their name....


These are some of my favorite spring flowers, and the plant is named "LUNGWORT" (pulmonaria)! Such an unappealing name for something so sweet. The stems include both pink and blue flowers, the blue being one of the clearest and most vivid seen in flowers.
Truly one of God's finest little surprises!
I believe the name reflects the fact that the leaves are spotted and somewhat resemble lungs.
The little flowered container is one I bought from an elderly lady who is now in a nursing home. I hope she knows that I will cherish and value it.

Tea Houses

This week at Gracious Hospitality Tea Blog-A-Thon the topic is tea rooms. We are to"Share all about one of your favorite tea rooms. Use photos and descriptions to tell about the decor and ambiance, menus, service, and what makes this tea room special to you. "

Sadly I don't have photos of one of my favorite tea houses "Pineridge Hollow" here in Manitoba. The pictures I do have are of friends having tea there, but none of the shoppe itself. The owner has an imaginative style and the grounds are lovely, and often used for weddings and social events. There is a greenhouse where I often purchase unusual plants. The tea house is situated just outside the boundary of one of our Provincial parks so I am sure many campers enjoy a break from camp food .
I do have some shots of a nice shop (above and below,). and although it is not touted as a tea shop, we love to go there for some of their lovely pastries. It is Bachman's Nursery and garden shop in Minneapolis. The …