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While grocery shopping, I noticed these artichokes on sale for the price of 10 for $1.00, yes, 10 cents each!. We don't intend to eat them, ....I bought them strictly for decoration. A very nice look for a very nice price!

"I Believe"

Tonight we attended the World Premiere of "I Believe". For us, it was a very special evening as our grand daughter(10) (in the photo) was in the children's chorus. It meant many hours of practices for her, but it was a great experience. We were very moved by the performance, and there was a prolonged standing ovation at the end.
This is an excerpt of an article from our newspaper today...

"IT'S an unlikely story.

A part-time composer with an ambitious dream writes a 90-minute musical work and manages to get a professional orchestra to present it.

Even more unlikely, it sells out the Centennial Concert Hall.

Tonight, Winnipeg high school teacher Zane Zalis will hear the world premiere of his Holocaust-themed oratorio, I Believe.

The full 65-member Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra under Alexander Mickelthwate will be joined by a narrator, three vocal soloists, a 140-voice chorus made up of high school, university and community singers, and a 50-voice children's chorus.


Glad Heart!

Today we are paying tribute to our Moms. Thankfully, my Mom who is 89 is still in good health and sound mind. She enjoys her hobby (growing orchids)
I think Mothers Day also causes us to reflect on our own children, and as I look at our two, I cannot help but be happy. During this past year I have seen even more evidence of spiritual growth and maturity in them. Our son and daughter in law were in a situation which could have caused bitterness and strife, but they chose to deal with it with humility, kindness, and love, with a very positive result. Our daughter and son in law went through tough days with his illness and other life changes, and came through with grace.
So today I celebrate with a thankful heart.
I hope you all have a great day!

More Orchids!

Today we enjoyed our visit to Everspring Orchids open house. The plants were gorgeous, and reasonably priced.
It seems that Winnipeg would be an unlikely city for a greenhouse specializing in these exotic plants, but since Winnipeg is the "heart of the continent" it is convenient for shipping to all of North America.
For more , see their website:
(to see more detail, click on photos to enlarge)