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Best Wishes!

To all my blog friends..have a wonderful Christmas. Let us  celebrate the birth of the Saviour!

Tea Time–Dec 17, 2012

Christmas is approaching far too quickly….still gifts to wrap, and even some last minute shopping!It is very pretty outside today. The large soft snowflakes are coating everything with a fresh white coat.Inside, the teapot is ready for some Earl Grey, and we have a few cookies to go with it.I am using a Lenox teapot, Lenox mugs, plate, and bowl.The foil wrapped balls in the bowl are chocolates from Costco. They add a splash of colour to a table and a nice sweet finale to a meal.I added some dried hydrangeas to the free IKEA tree in the dining room. (We paid $20 for the tree and received a $20 gift certificate ) I love real trees but we have had a faux tree in our living room for several years.  I brought out old ornaments which I’ve stored for years to decorate this Fraser Fir. It looks rather simple.I’m joining Sandi’s weekly tea party today. Thanks, Sandi!

The Copycat Foyer

I have seen some copycat postings around, and there is even a copycat party occasionally.I was given a copy of “Christmas Cottage” magazine and happened to notice this vignette.The silver birds and the white container reminded me that I had something similar, and at the same time I was trying to think of some simple decor for our very small foyer. So here is my version:It was fun putting it together!Joining SANDI’S HOME Day

A Sparkly Christmas Tea

Sandi is hosting a lovely Christmas tea today.That girl comes up with the greatest tea party themes!
I’ve set the table with mercury glass plates (from Z Gallerie) and candleholders, and my Mom’s silver teapot.

The glass mugs are from Mikasa…we love to use them every day.

Placemats were made by my sister-in-law.
I haven’t had time to bake in time for tea tonight, so I guess it’ll be fruitcake to accompany our snack. Oh, well!

Lighting Things up a Bit

Our 30 year old dining light fixture was showing it's age so this week, with a little lots of help, my husband installed a new chandelier. It only took 2 years for us to decide on one we liked! It came wth silver lined black shades as well as the white silk.


We hung the new one much lower, according to instructions on the internet. Now it just takes some getting used to!

Pine Cones

I have always loved pine cones. When we park in a new campground, as we drive in, I am already glancing upward to see what type of pines there are…so over the years pine cones from Oregon, Georgia, Minnesota, Arizona, California, British Columbia, etc., have made their way home with me. When I participated in craft shows my wreaths almost always included cones in one form or another. The days of craft sales (for me) are gone, along with most of my stash of cones, but they still intrigue me.
This last summer there was a bumper crop of cones on our Manitoba spruce trees, so on our fall campout at Hecla Island I filled a bag with the little lovelies to make a wreath just for us. Isn’t the colour beautiful?

Along with the wreath, I have a vase, and a candle holder, both with a pine cone theme, as well as a sugar pine cone.

Well, that’s it for my obsession today!
I'll join in with others at Sandi's Home Day

Tea Time December 3, 2012

At this busy time of year it is nice to sit down and relax with a refreshing cup of tea, ….in my case Earl Grey tea.

I baked fruitcake last week, so we can sample a slice. I use Rose Murray’s recipe every year. It is loaded with pecans and almonds, and candied fruit.

On this cool winter day, let's go on over and  enjoy other tea settings at Sandi’s weekly party. Thanks, Sandi, for being an excellent hostess!