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Blogger Visitor

Yesterday, Cindy from Oakview Cottage, came over for tea…we had never met before, but she lives within walking distance (long walk, to be sure!).She is as sweet as her blog, and brought me the lovely Salt and Pepper shakers you see above…they will look so good on the Thanksgiving table!I really enjoyed the afternoon.

Lake Winnipeg – Hecla Island

On Saturday the weather here was still warm, so we headed out to Hecla Island with my Mom and our Granddaughter.We stopped at a little rest area for a cup of coffee and Mom’s wonderful cinnamon buns. (above)Lake Winnipeg fishermen bring their catch to be unloaded at the Fish Station.This is a typical scene along the shore.Grandpa and Granddaughter dropped a line …no luck…   all in all, it was a lovely day…There was also time to enjoy the water park at the Gull Harbour Resort.

Monday Mosaic “in The Pink”

Every Monday I head over to Mary’s Little Red House to see wonderful mosaics.
My contribution this week is a compilation of pink flowers in light and dark shades, vivid and pastels, Isn’t it amazing that flowers come in such a variety?

Why not head over to Mary's now and see ?

Flaunting My Flowers Sept 24, 2009

It's Friday again, and time to join Tootsie for  Flower Flaunting. I can't help wondering how many more Fridays before all will be frozen. Our weather has been lovely, with record highs for September.  Most years, we have very few flowers in bloom at this time.

Here is some of what is still in bloom:
Autumn Joy Sedum

Flower bed -front of house:
Sun-loving Coleus, Lime potato vine,

Some coleus for bouquets:

I must admit, I haven't been fertilizing much these days!

Welcome Fall

Fall is a time to bring out those warm toned accessories. My favorite china is Orchard Gold by Aynsley. Unfortunately, it is pricey, so my collection is limited. Dahlias are still blooming plentifully, so I cut armloads for bouquets. Soon we will be putting out some tiny pumpkins and gourds. Now where have I hidden my Dept 56 autumn fruit stand??? 
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To view these pictures and more, with a little doctoring, go to my slideshow

Mosaic - The Colours of Autumn

Days are now shorter, colours are vivid, nights are's autumn!
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What's Blooming Now....

It's a little late for flower-flaunting Friday over at Tootsie's, but  here are a few photos of what is still in bloom in our garden. We just left our English relatives at the airport, after a most enjoyable time,
Still flowering are: bocapa, limon, mums, and a second round of pink everlasting summer hydrangea, and dahlias..
The weather is hot right now, but expected to cool next week.

Touches of Autumn

We are having a great time with our English relatives. I did take a few photos around the yard and house...although we are having wonderful warm weather right now, there are signs that fall is on the way.

Weekly Flower Flaunting

I am a little early in posting my Friday flower-flaunting.  I expect to be very busy in the next few days, preparing for some guests from England.  I have formed the habit of walking around the garden, photographing  current blooms. I bought two nice fall mums at our local supermarket, for more autumn colour. I planted one in the border to fill  a bare spot left by my ruthless disposal of some unwanted perennials, and placed one on a table just outside the dining room window. In the collage are some other flowers which are still flourishing. There are lots of dahlias , a limon plant, cobea, garden mums,and various coleus. If you wish to enlarge the photos, just click on them. 

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