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Ladies Christmas Event - The Tortes

I promised to show photos of the tortes served at our church Ladies event.

Over 300 women attended during the 2 evenings. Most of the tortes were made by one very talented baker.
I had hoped to get photos of the desserts as they were presented at buffet tables, but the light was quite poor for photography, so I resorted to showing them in their places in the frig beforehand.
       Orange - Chocolate torte
This one had a name I couldn't spell or pronounce!
Hazelnut torte New York Cherry Cheesecake, with Lemon torte and Irish Creme torte in background. I was one of the servers at the buffet tables, and it was fun to see the ladies debating about which torte(s) to choose!

"Joy to the World" ladies Event

One of the very special events which our church holds is the ladies Christmas tea. There is accommodation for 350 ladies over 2 evenings and tickets are always sold out almost immediately.
I was privileged to help with the decorating this year. Here are a few photos of the tables and d├ęcor.

These are the table centers:  With the help of my husband, I assembled 184 of these little favours:
I hope to show you more photos, especially of the tortes which will be served.