"Joy to the World" ladies Event

One of the very special events which our church holds is the ladies Christmas tea. There is accommodation for 350 ladies over 2 evenings and tickets are always sold out almost immediately.
I was privileged to help with the decorating this year. Here are a few photos of the tables and décor.

These are the table centers:
 With the help of my husband, I assembled 184 of these little favours:

I hope to show you more photos, especially of the tortes which will be served.


Pamela Gordon said…
Hi Millie, what a wonderful event and beautiful decorations! You did a great job with it all and I love the rustic theme. Our church is having a Ladies Christmas Breakfast on Saturday. Tis the season. :)
This is all very pretty! Thanks for stopping by!
Lorrie said…
Millie, the decorations are beautiful. Glad you had some help with all those favours!
ellen b. said…
Everything looks wonderful. How nice that hubby could help with those favors!
This sounds like a fun event, I wish our church hosted a tea. Nice that your hubby would help you to make all those centrepieces.
Hi Millie,
What a lovely event and the room is decorated so beautifully! Your hubby is a dear to help you out. Thank you for sharing and we look forward to seeing more.

Sylvia said…
Thanks Millie, for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment.
What pretty decorations, I would love to have Tea here! Our church has a Valentine Tea.
Thanks for sharing the pretty decor from the wonderful event, Millie. What a sweet hubby you have to help you with all those pretty lanterns. I love the rustic touches!
Beth in NEPA said…
What a lovely event. All the decorations were beautiful. I especially liked the candle sitting on the slice of wood. I admit I may "steal" the idea.
Of wonderful! That looks fabulous! I LOVE ladies teas at church. What a wonderful occasion...but a lot of work indeed!
Karen said…
Hi Millie,
What pretty decorations for your church event. How fun! I am anxious to see the rest of the Christmas tea. Thank you for visiting me. Happy Thanksgiving! Karen

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