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Tea Time - Apples

September brings a certain crispness in the air, along with crisp, red apples.
I have a cute apple teapot which is only used at this time of year. I love to bake with apples! ...and there is no lack of recipes to choose from. One of our favourites is plain old fashioned apple pie, served slightly warm, with just a small scoop of vanilla or maple-walnut ice cream. I used my Eavesham china again Another day, I baked some apple bars and used a fall-themed mug for my coffee. The weather was nice, so we sat outdoors to enjoy those. Fall is in the air, and that means pumpkins for d├ęcor, along with the apples.

Autumn Tea

I am using my Evesham by Royal Worcester today. Many years ago,I started out with a few bowls my Mom brought back from a trip to England where they visited the factory, and had a few pieces shipped home. I fell in love with the pattern and bought a few items to start a tea set. My dear husband then gave me the plates, etc. for 8. Since then I have added many pieces.

I baked a rustic plum tart, using the remaining pastry from apple pies I made a few days ago.

Coffee will go well with the plum dessert, so I brought out the coffee server.

 The centerpiece is a vintage cornucopia I bought for my Mom in about 1960 at Red Wing, Mn. I filled it with faux foliage and flowers.
I decorated the mantel with lights and ropes of leaves, as it is so gloomy and cloudy these days...I thought it would cheer things up a bit...

I hope you are enjoying autumn wherever you are!

A Sentimental Pictorial Journey

Today is our daughter's birthday. The words of a song are going through my mind..."swiftly go the years, etc. etc,. " from Fiddler on the Roof.
As I looked through some photos a few weeks ago, I realized we had some pictures of her with her Dad which seemed to have a familiar theme.

She was about 4 years old here, in the Canadian Rockies.

..again holding her Dad's hand, at about age 10...

...and this year....
Those two have a special bond...and she is very much like her Dad..
So Happy Birthday to the dearest, sweetest, kindest daughter, with lots of love!

Autumn Tea Outdoors

It's a nice day today...a little chilly, but bright.
I played with a few settings for tea.
I used Denby mugs and the blue plates purchased on sale at Dillards last winter.
The first is a table among the Limelight hydrangeas, which are showing pretty pink in the blooms.
I used a wool blanket as a table cover, with a fishnet overlay.
Then I removed the netting, and changed the location..
I also tried a different look with a plaid throw...
We had pumpkin pie with our tea...
A couple more photos of what's blooming now..the temps are dipping at night, so it may be quite different very soon...

Reflections on Labour Day

It seems to be tradition for Labour Day weekend...we head up to Hecla Island for the weekend, with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. This year we camped, and they stayed in the lovely resort hotel. Some other traditions.....It usually rains at least one day, Grandson makes French toast for one breakfast, they golf, I do quite a bit of cooking, and we head down to the dock, or the beach at sunset.
Our daughter, an accomplished photographer, sets up her camera on the monopod (new word I learned!)
I take my amateur photos.....

The Icelandic village on the island has a few restored buildings as a museum... we toured a 1928 home...the kitchen with it's grand cookstove  complete with reservoir for heating water, and all the necessary cooking utensils hanging up nearby...
I fondly remember kitchens just like this in rural Saskatchewan...mail-order curtains blowing gently in the breeze, and a cake keeper ready with a chocolate cake.... ..busy homemakers also made time to sew ...on o…

Tea and Macarons

On a lovely day last week, our Granddaughter spent the day with us. We had two goals; one was to sort out my Mom's jewelry, which we did with admiration of her choices, and memories shared.
 Our second plan was to try our hand at making French Macarons. We had heard that they could be quite difficult, but both batches turned out very well.
Below, G'dtr completing the last piped circles of meringue
After they were baked and filled, we had a cup of tea, and sampled the delicate cookies.
Lemon buttercream:
---and blackberry
Tea cups are my wedding china, Foley Devonshire, and the tea pot is Aynsley.