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It's looking like Christmas!

We have a very snowy day today... poor driving conditions, but very pretty! I took a few photos and couldn't help comparing them to some taken August!

Each season has it's own beauty.. Meanwhile, in the house preparations for Christmas are underway. After not decorating last year, I am enjoying decking the halls this time....(thankful!!)

I heard that many areas of the USA and Canada are experiencing icy and snowy conditions. I pray that all of you will be safe.

Signs of Autumn - Bittersweet

The summer flew by and now we are enjoying autumn. My brother brought an armful of lovely bittersweet branches, so appropriate for the season. I wasted no time in decorating the mantel!

Speaking of the  fireplace, we have made some changes during the summer. This is what it looked like last year...
and earlier this summer... BEFORE.. and AFTER...
We had the dark brick for 30 years...yes, 30! it was time for a change. The room is considerably brighter. We had the walls painted in a blue-grey color and I am still looking for suitable art for the walls, and new window valances are in the works. We wanted a whitewash appearance to the brick so we used chalk paint diluted, and a small roller to skim the surface, leaving the indentations more exposed. The most difficult part was painting the grout lines. Just one more picture...our 4 foot tall vase with summer flowers... I miss them already!

Tea and Fruitcake

We don't usually think of fruit cake in April since it is traditionally a Christmas sweet, but I wasn't feeling well enough to bake in November or December. Now I wanted to use up the dried and candied fruit which has been taking up space in our extra refrigerator.
I always watch Anna Olsen's baking series and she demonstrated making your own candied orange peel and used it in a fruit cake.
It all looked so delicious, and the result proved it! The peel is so fragrant and adds a fresh flavour to the cake.