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You will just have to take my word for it!…I couldn’t get better pictures as I was a little too far away.Yesterday we celebrated our daughter – in law’s birthday at her house, and looked over next door to see their English bulldog tobogganing! Yes..he was! He has been out playing with the kids all winter, and has now learned the routine…get on the toboggan,,,give his body a slight jerk to start the motion…enjoy the ride…get hold of the rope and drag the sled to the top of the hill..and do it over again… All he needed was a scarf and goggles and he would have looked like the Red Baron…Oh, we laughed!…especially when later the family all came outdoors and we saw the Dad slide down the hill, and the dog drag the toboggan up for him! I am putting this on Mosaic Monday at Mary’s, where you will find much clearer photos…

Old Document 1770’s

I have a copy of a document which is dated from the 1700’s. Unfortunately, I can't read it. I am thinking of getting it framed to hang in my hallway.
  I think this contains the words “The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”

A sample of the handwriting.
I would love to know what the document appears to be a will.