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Siberian Irises

I made a little arrangement of Siberian irises today. We have a major problem with mosquitoes right now (spray, city, spray!) so in the 5 minutes or so which it took me to pick the flowers, I had about a dozen or more bites! Anyway, I took some photos in the kitchen under halogen light, and some in front of a window with natural light. You can see the difference lighting makes...decorators are always telling us that, aren't they?

June Bouquet

I am joining  "Desert Ramblings" , where we are invited to post bouquets each month.
I intended to do  a bouquet of magenta Siberian irises, but it is pouring rain again today, so I am just showing a bouquet I made for the weekend, using peonies, one rose, one Siberian iris, and some other flowers.

Party Day…Our Deck

Rhondi is hosting a porch party, and I am very excited about seeing decks, porches, etc. from many places, encompassing climates and decor of all sorts.
We don’t have a porch, so we are welcoming you to our deck today. Please keep our Manitoba climate in mind, as you will notice our summer is just beginning, and plants are not very advanced yet.The afternoon sun is highlighting part of the table, and the rest is shaded by the umbrella. I have set the table in green and white, and because it will just be two of us , it is casual.
Before the sun goes down, let’s see what else is on the deck….    another table with some lanterns and plants..
..a bakers rack which I sprayed light green and which holds green plants....a bench with more of the tropical print…
…and a grouping of potted plants

Looking out at the yard, the sun is streaming in from the West.
the days are longer now and it is still light….at 8:45… …and now finally night has fallen…it is now
10 p.m…..Good Night, all!

Edited to add:

Of Grad and Gifts…

Next week our oldest Grandson will graduate from High School. As many other bloggers have said…”Where has the time gone?”
We are very proud of this guy…he has always been a ray of sunshine in our lives.

This summer he plans on going to Latvia with GEM to teach English, and he is enrolled in the faculty of Education for the fall. My Dad, his Great Grandfather, was a teacher so he would be so proud!All this grad talk started me thinking about my own high school grad, in 1955…yes, that’s right …55 years ago! I was only 16 then (another story) and had met this nice young man, who later became my dear hubby. He drove 400 miles to attend my grad, and gave me a nice gift too…a rhinestone necklace (all the rage then) I brought it out yesterday for a photo. …and a closeup…
I think I’ll wear it when I attend the grad ceremony next week, or maybe to the grad party…

Maple Grove Tea Room

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, so we took a drive out along the Red River, to a historic house, now home to a nice little tea room. The view of the river was outstanding, the desserts were “scrummy”, and the conversation was pleasant. The home  was built in 1866 by Captain William Kennedy an explorer, entrepreneur and trader. Three rooms are a provincial historic museum. Below is a mosaic of the memories of the day. I am joining Mary’s Little Red House for Mosaic Monday. I always look forward to what other bloggers contribute.