Monday, December 30, 2013

Tea Time December 30, 2013

The table is set with Lenox Holiday china.
We host a Bible study group, and the men especially enjoy butter and mincemeat tarts, and the ladies like the lemon slice…
I sometimes think about how much fun it would be to have my blog friends around my table. What an interesting conversation that would be!
We are preparing for our family New Years Day tradition. W have a themed dinner , and this year it is a medieval meal…should be fun!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Decorating Part 2

Here a few more pictures of our house.

Just a word about decorating…I don’t decorate to show off the house, or to try to outdo anyone else…When I have joy in my life, it always comes out in trying to beautify my surroundings…

I think our entire family is like that…we have artists, photographers, etc., who have used their gifts to bless others, and even as life work.

Anyway, a few views in the dining room…






Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Decorating, 2013, Part One

It has been fun decorating the house this year. I didn't buy anything new, in fact I have been weeding out things I haven’t used recently. Of course there are some sentimental ornaments I will never tire of…they stay!

Here are some glimpses of our little bungalow decked out for  Christmas, 2013…

…the living room….






…a little candlelight in the bedroom windows….


Saturday, December 7, 2013


Someone sent me an email with some photos attached…sorry I can’t give credit to the source.

Anyway, it did bring back some memories!

Since my Dad taught in a one room school this one is precious! It is exactly like our school room looked!

Cursive                                                           writing guides                                                           above the                                                           chalkboard and                                                           pull-down                                                             maps.


I wore these to school…did you?

Black and                                                           White Saddle                                                           Shoes

We received glasses like these for wedding gifts:

Did these                                                           come in                                                             laundry soap                                                           boxes or from                                                           a gas station                                                           when you                                                           filled up w/                                                           gas? We had a                                                           set of them!

And at Christmas, we used icicles on our tree, and carefully saved them for the next year…they were made of lead! Our tree, when I was a kid, looked exactly like this one:

1940 real                                                             silver                                                           tinselled                                                           christmas                                                           tree!                                                           Stunning!

…and. did you wear these?

stockings                                                           in a box

And, finally…I’ll leave this as a mystery object…I think I remember it, but I am not sure….

All my                                                             elementary                                                               school papers                                                           were printed                                                           on a                                                           mimeograph...I                                                           can still                                                           smell the                                                           purple ink :)

I guess I really date myself with this posting, but.. ah, well!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tartan Coffee Time

I LOVE tartan!008-1
At Christmas I bring out my tartan mugs and plates. They usually are displayed on a kitchen shelf along with some greens and candy canes. I bought them many years ago at a warehouse sale. There are no markings regarding the manufacturer. Today I have set them out for coffee.  I do have a cake, but it isn’t really picture-worthy.
The little tartan tins are a piggy bank from Scotland, and a tin which once held fudge from Harrods…only a sweet memory now…
This season is  busy with so many good times we often don’t have time to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and think about what Christmas is all about…I am trying to make time for that this year.