Saturday, December 7, 2013


Someone sent me an email with some photos attached…sorry I can’t give credit to the source.

Anyway, it did bring back some memories!

Since my Dad taught in a one room school this one is precious! It is exactly like our school room looked!

Cursive                                                           writing guides                                                           above the                                                           chalkboard and                                                           pull-down                                                             maps.


I wore these to school…did you?

Black and                                                           White Saddle                                                           Shoes

We received glasses like these for wedding gifts:

Did these                                                           come in                                                             laundry soap                                                           boxes or from                                                           a gas station                                                           when you                                                           filled up w/                                                           gas? We had a                                                           set of them!

And at Christmas, we used icicles on our tree, and carefully saved them for the next year…they were made of lead! Our tree, when I was a kid, looked exactly like this one:

1940 real                                                             silver                                                           tinselled                                                           christmas                                                           tree!                                                           Stunning!

…and. did you wear these?

stockings                                                           in a box

And, finally…I’ll leave this as a mystery object…I think I remember it, but I am not sure….

All my                                                             elementary                                                               school papers                                                           were printed                                                           on a                                                           mimeograph...I                                                           can still                                                           smell the                                                           purple ink :)

I guess I really date myself with this posting, but.. ah, well!


cheryl said...

Back in the dark ages when I was in school, we used to call the mystery machine a Gestetner or a ditto machine. A sort of duplicating machine.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I am right there with you, Millie, but I had no idea that those were made of lead. So were many of our metal toys. And we turned out okay! At lest I think we did! LOL

and that is a mimeograph machine for duplicating documents. It had bluish purple ink that stained! ;-)



Pamela Gordon said...

Oh boy, what great memories from these vintage photos. Our classrooms looked like that too with the chalkboards, the cursive letters across the tops and the pull down maps. I didn't realize the old icicles were made of lead! Wow. How dangerous is that now? lol I remember picking them off the tree and wrapping them around the piece of cardboard from the box to save them too. The newer icicles were so full of static but I guess were safer. Fun post!

Lorrie said...

Oh yes. Icicles, oxford shoes, chalkboard - they all look very familiar. How things have changed.

Cindy said...

Hi Millie,
I remember those hose and the mimeograph machine. Have a wonderful day!

Cindy said...

Well I've not any room for learning today after filling my head with all that lead. No idea the icicles were made of lead, the cat use to eat them, but we all had different immune back then.

My class room looked somewhat the same with a pull down projector screen, big letters on the wall and the big old chalk boards that I love to erase. As for the machine I think it was a printing machine but I read what others wrote. Thanks for the memory