Wednesday, March 28, 2012

“March”ing toward Spring..

I love the pastel colours associated with Spring and Easter!  I brought out some of my favourites from storage today…and feel like spring has arrived….







For those who expressed concern, my doctor said my painful problem will heal on it’s own in a few weeks…no lifting, etc., …and I was looking forward to gardening…..


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you have restrictions that will prevent you from gardening for a while. I know how much you enjoy the outdoors.
Your Easter and Spring decor is so pretty. I love the bunny under your cloche.
Take good care, Millie, and hope it won't be long until you feel much better.

ellen b. said...

Sorry you are in pain, Millie. Gardening does take some good back and arm strength and I hope yours returns quickly. Spring has so much joy. I really love it.

Pamela Gordon said...

The bunny in the last photo looks like a match to my bunny. :) I'm glad you know your problem will get better with time and rest. Take care. Pamela

Cindy said...

I'm glad to hear that you will heal, I know you'll find it hard to take it easy, though.
Hugs, Cindy