Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Pioneer Homestead

On a recent car trip through Manitoba, we visited the Negrych farm near Dauphin, a pioneer Ukrainian homestead . The buildings were constructed  between 1897 and 1915, and amazingly, have remained in their original style. Repairs are made, but the integrity of the buildings remain.

Buildings are log construction, and most materials came from the farm itself.
The outer walls are coated with a clay-based mixture. All shingles were hand-made.
The style of construction is Carpathian, from an area in Europe. 
All hinges, gutters and other fittings were hand crafted.
I was very impressed with the location which was near a beautiful creek, from which water was drawn, and ice blocks were cut in winter and kept in an ice-house where milk and meat were stored well into the summer.
Kitchen tools and containers were also hand-made
One very interesting building contained a smokehouse and a clay oven. An alcove above the oven (top left) was often used as a sleeping shelf for the younger children.
A reproduction cupboard is unique
Some other views of structures in the yard...they were kept a distance apart so that in case of fire, only one building would be damaged.

This family was very well versed in horticulture and planted fruit trees and a large garden, thus were almost self-sufficient.
Although the last members of the family  resided on the farm until the 1980's, there was never electricity or a telephone, but they did own a car.
The farm is now a public historic site and in summer, guided tours are provided.


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How very interesting...

Pamela Gordon said...

This is so interesting to read about and see the photos. I think I might be one to curl up in that nook over the fireplace to keep warm. Have you ever been to the Ukrainian Village near Vegreville, Alberta? It is beautiful and so interesting. I hope your summer is going well.